Wednesday, May 16, 2018

911 Still A Joke In Kansas City???

Response time improvement touted amid increasing demand on local emergency systems and, of course, escalating local violence. Take a look:

Kansas City 911 Hold Times Fall After Hiring More Staff

The emergency call wait time crisis that troubled Kansas City Police Department commanders last year seems to be easing after a hefty investment by the city. Last fall, it took 57 seconds, on average, for a call taker to answer a 911 call.


Just For the Record said...

Kansas City as a whole is a joke!

Anonymous said...

Last month there was a major car accident down the street from my house. I ran outside, saw that it was serious, and called 911. I reported the injury accident, gave the address... the 9/11 operator kept double-checking my streets and cross-streets, asking me to repeat, then asked me flatly, where exactly is that? I then gave broader instructions using commonly known street names and the operator said, "Oh, this is Overland Park. Let me transfer you."

30 or 40 seconds later I was transferred and had to start all over again.

Anonymous said...

Why my call went to Overland Park (I'm in Kansas City) and there seemed to be no reason for it as the OP operator was confused. I thought, wow, this kinda sucks.

Barney Frank said...

Maybe they need to hire more diversity

Anonymous said...

Kcpd sucks