Friday, April 27, 2018

Who Is Josh Hawley???

For those who aren't familiar with his bio and don't trust sleazy campaign advertisements . . . Check this conservative mag write-up that mythbusts all of the hype about his "small town" roots and explores the résumé of this elite Ivy Leauge candidate currently at war with the Governor. Checkit:

Josh Hawley's Worthy Climb | National Review

On the Missouri attorney general who is running for Senate Springfield, Mo. When Josh Hawley tells his story on the stump - the autobiographical bit that he told three times in three places across Missouri on March 13, as he formally announced his Senate candidacy - he talks about growing up in a small town, where he learned small-town values: hard work, honesty, and so forth.


DeBergerac said...

"WHO" Josh Hawley is seems like the proper question to ask, because we all know "WHAT" Josh Hawley is (uninterested in any State office), "WHERE" Josh Hawley is (anyplace except Jefferson City, doing his job), and "WHY" (because he's been campaigning since the day he took office)!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Brilliant as usual.

Anonymous said...

Nice of Josh put a hold on his elite tour to stop in fly over country and do his job.

Glad he could fit it in between his east coast (Yale) west coast (Stanford) gigs. If he is determined to live in DC next, he should do it on his dime, not as an absentee senator with a MO PO Box address.