Wednesday Morning: Schlitterbahn Honcho Jeff Henry Booked Into Wyandotte County Jail

Payback after a horrific decapitation continues . . .

Schlitterbahn co-owner charged with murder in boy's death extradited to Wyandotte County

The co-owner of a Schlitterbahn who is charged in a 10-year-old boy's decapitation death on a water slide arrived in Kansas City, KS on Tuesday night. Jeff Henry, 62, left a Brownsville, Texas, jail to Kansas and was booked into the Wyandotte County Jail.


  1. I think this guy and the Schlitterbahn park are toast!

  2. They are probably going to arrest the person in charge of constructing the slide also.

    They just went by the blueprints they are arresting anyone involved with the darn thing. WTF

    1. Just Kansas' feeble attempt to bring back the Code of Hammurabi. Of course, they appear to be doing so with a layer of sovereign immunity attached.

  3. Let's speed this up. Instead of a trial, an executive order. Trade Jeff Henry's citizenship for Syed Jamal's.''Keep Syed in Lawrence, send Jeff Henry to Bangladesh.

    Quick, someone tell Fox News to tell Trump!

    When the jury gets a look at Jeff Henry's manic videos and the braggadocious interviews in waterpark mags, maybe then his own attorney will agree with the public's current read: Jeff Henry didn't give a damn about safety or the public. He just wanted to be on TV.

    Well, be careful what you wish for. Jeff Henry got his wish. Everyone across the country is talking about his rusty unsafe slide now.

  4. Who in the Dotte or the state of Kansas inspected this?

  5. Tyler Austin, Schlitterbahn's Dir. of Ops. Plus Jeff Henry.
    Not the city, not the state.

    Oh I forgot, the Travel Channel kinda did. Shooting footage for Season Three premiere of XtremeWaterSports.

    And...Governor Brownback. Read Tracy's story on Jocopost.

  6. This story was very revealing...

  7. I predict in the end it will come to this: who ordered the net to be installed? That is the County which likely has sovereign immunity. If I was the defense lawyer, I would argue that the child had a good chance of survival if he landed back on the slide itself from a 20 foot drop. Hurt, but not fatally.

  8. Agree with 1:18, tho blame and responsibility may be split up. There were other things besides the hoops. The misloading of the slide, the "velcro-like" seat belts that failed--which allowed the ejection. The failed brakes that had been reported. The falsified accident reports that were red flags. And, re Jeff Henry, the design--which the law of physics would have told someone who cared--and was licensed--was a launching trajectory for a catapult.

    Do you imagine this is why the new Wyco DA flipped the case over to Derek Schmidt, the Ks AG, who describes himself on his Wiki page as "American politician"? Rather than investigate a prosecute a case, against his own government??

  9. oh look--1:18--it's Jeff Henry's attorney, just learned how to log in as Anonymous on TKC! Welcome, first time user.

    "If I was the defense lawyer". Will that be your book?
    Before you write it, be sure to reread OJ Simpson's "novel", "IF I did it...".

  10. A Non E Mouse, Like T T At Times!4/4/18, 4:54 PM

    Oh look--1:54--it's TKC's fixture Tracy Talk-A-Lot, who is foaming at the mouth because comments are hinting at the potentiality that the cases may not be slam dunks for the prosecutors. Carl Cornwell and his firm have some of the best badass bulldogs of criminal defense. They are known as preferred attorneys that judges and attorneys and their families hire. This is going to get very interesting.

    It's tragic for all the injured and a child's demise. But, I am hoping the park stays open. The Dotte needs the jobs and revenues. GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, VW, Toyota, Honda, and more were found to have FUBAR faked and concealed performance and safety data. There's been numerous injuries and deaths from defective vehicle components for decades, far more than just the recently recalled airbags, ignition switches, tires, brakes, and fuel tanks. So, is it fair that those too big to jail CEOs didn't get criminally charged?

  11. Tracy makes some EXCELLENT POINTS. She obviously knows this case better than most. Thank you for your commentary Tracy.

  12. All this Huff and puff for cameras and yet Kansas still won't compensate an innocent man it wrongly jailed for almost 30 years.


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