Sunday, April 15, 2018


This cold Sunday morning should offer a moment of reflection for denizens of the Missouri political discourse as we prepare for the upcoming impeachment proceedings.

Accordingly, here's another fact check on this dilemma . . .

After a Republican-dominated committee returned a report they deemed "credible" alleging spanking, slapping and a salacious encounter that many have described as sexual assault: There's simply no going forward with Eric Greitens as Governor. The controversy has basically shut down Missouri Government and made his administration untenable. Since the report, Guv Greitens is only defended by Internet trolls.  No real allies, who aren't on his payroll, have been willing to publicly stand up for him from here to the Beltway. In a desperate ploy, Guv Greitens is attempting to push himself closer to Prez Trump but the White House is avoiding the controversy and simply calling it a "serious" situation.

What we've seen from Guv Greitens in this crisis is nothing less than an egotistical and selfish leader putting his political career above the interests of every Missouri voter. This stalling strategy threatens to drag other Republicans down with him and shames anyone who has supported otherwise important policy discussions. Nevertheless, Guv Greitens continues to play for time while paid consultants and disgusting sycophants dishonor the highest office in the State with vindictive attacks against a woman who says that she has already suffered a shocking level of abuse.

The case is now nothing more than a repulsive he said/she said adultery drama and a legal matter that Eric Greitens needs to sort out on his own time. Meanwhile, Missouri will soon demonstrate that politicians serve the electorate, not the other way around and nobody is entitled to hold political office hostage.

For now, here's some of the best news items on the topic from both sides of the aisle . . .

Jeff City Stalls Over Guv's Junk

Greitens' woes bring gridlock to Capitol

JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Eric Greitens' problems are threatening to derail action in the House and the Senate in the final weeks of the legislative session. The roster of proposals hanging in the balance include some legislative initiatives he supports, including business-friendly changes to the state's legal system and an anti-union measure called "paycheck protection."

Dishonoring The Troops

Greitens scandal casts shadow on Mission Continues veterans charity

Three separate investigations are looking at reports that a donor list belonging to The Mission Continues was obtained and used by the Greitens for Governor campaign - which would violate laws governing nonprofits and could cost the charity its tax-exempt status.

The Battle Ahead

Some Missouri lawmakers say their focus is impeachment

PARKVILLE, Mo. -- Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are calling on Governor Eric Greitens to resign or begin the process of impeachment. Governor Greitens spoke at a private event in Parkville on Saturday. Tom Hutsler, who helped organize the event, says there was a lot of support for the Governor from the crowd at the GOP fundraiser.

Show-Me Democratic Party Tough Talk

Missouri Senators on Greitens: 'Textbook case of an abuser' and 'Psychopath'

State Sen. Jill Schupp, D-Creve Coeur, questions if the legislature should be sending bills to Governor Eric Greitens. A growing bipartisan chorus of lawmakers is calling on the Republican governor to resign after the release of a House committee report detailing allegations against Greitens.

Talking Prez Trump Parallel

EXCLUSIVE - Hantler: If The Democrats Remove Governor Eric Greitens, Their Witch Hunt of Donald Trump Will Be Emboldened

That's how one ought to think about what's happening to Missouri Governor Eric Greitens - and to President Trump. Many in the media are calling on Governor Greitens to resign or be impeached, based on a report published by a committee in the Missouri State House.

Sen. Claire Key To Victory???

Democrats use Greitens' woes to attack Senate candidate

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri Democrats are using Republican Gov. Eric Greitens' political and legal woes to try to attack the top GOP candidate in a hotly contested U.S. Senate race.

Disavowed By The White House????

White House concerned over Greitens allegations

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A spokeswoman for President Donald Trump says allegations against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens are "very concerning." During a briefing with reporters on Friday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders was asked about a letter from three Republican Missouri state senators to Trump, urging the president to ask Greitens to resign.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

honestly impressed by some of the responses I've seen in defense of the Governor.

Some of them are really well-written, thoughtful and have a great deal of sound logic. Yeah, the basically just look to discredit accusers but that doesn't mean they're not convincing.

Those defending him are putting on a great show in comment boards across the state. You have to at least respect the effort, I hope that scumbag is paying them well.

Jaso said...

The mission continues?

So, next time, forced butt stuff?


Anonymous said...

I don't buy that a vote against Greitens is a vote against Trump.

The President won Missouri by a lot more than the Governor and the last time the President was in Missouri, he didn't want Greitens anywhere near him. The comparison is just spin and if that's all they got, then it's not much.

Anonymous said...

Democrats calling the Governor a psycho? Have the seen the crime rates in KCMO & STL?

The should look at their own pathology first.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts, prayers and tit clamps to the Governor.

Anonymous said...

"That's all they got", I hope "they" is team Greitens. They made the comparison, not the media or democrats etc.

Anonymous said...

He’s guilty of an affair with kinky sex, the ex husband is pissed because she wanted more then he could provide, he got a bunch of crazy, lyin, crooked black dems to back him up. Seriously people, this whole thing is effed up, this boils down to one thing, the nutty broad that got sensured is behind this whole thing.

I don’t care if the guv stays or goe’s, but those people in shitty Louis definitely have to go, Kim Gardner let a child molester off the hook but she’s gone crazy about consensual adult sex.

Anonymous said...

This is just political assassination. What the Democrats don't seem to understand is what goes around will come around. And to that just how safe is Claire?

Hollywood California fund raisers? Obama fund raisers? Out of state dark money? Phony commercials where she "Got to work!"? What was she doing before she "Got to Work"?

Anonymous said...

Greitins is a man's man and that offends the limp wristed democrats so they are out to get him, put him in a steamy affair that will do the trick with no real evidence to support the bimbo's testimony.

Get him to resign for the win, go to another senate or house republican and do the same formula, that is their game plan.

Anonymous said...

I can wait 30 days. The Democrats want it over now. We know why.

Anonymous said...

The real question is whether Democrats will find a way to screw it up on the 1 yard line.

Anonymous said...

That commercial Claire is running is for the last time she “went to work” was for something she did a year ago, what’s she done since then besides make more money?

Anonymous said...

If the pic doesn’t fit, you must acquit!

Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy killed a lady and stayed in office how long? Was there dancing in the streets to throw him out of office?

Known fact Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton both had affairs while in office and neither one of them was thrown out.

Interesting what Democrats can get away with but let a Republican fart in public and the crazies want to impeach.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to ask Newsweek’s Joe Klein why he left a chapter out of his book about Greitens first wife.

Anonymous said...

Greitens wants to block Confide subpoena.
Why would he not want to show what he said was just “scheduling”?

Part of a lawsuit says:

The attorneys want, among other information, names, methods of payment, account history, IP history logs, documents, communications, digital files, metadata, profile information, and dates of account creation and deletion.

Among the people with phone numbers listed are Greitens, deputy chief of staff Nicholas Maddux, press secretary Parker Briden and former deputy chief of staff Caleb Jones.

The affair is the least of his worries. His net worth is $12 million? Wonder if he used dark money or spent a dime of his own?
Look for a trail back to Democrats? Why? Is he a mole and wants to drag this out to take the Republican Party down the toilet?

Anonymous said...

I don’t think the democrims are that smart but, that is an interesting theory, doubtful but interesting. The democrims knew all about this when he was a Democrat and it could be a case of sour grapes

Diogenes Jr. said...

@ 11:09, please explain your statements a bit more clearly.

Greitens didn't start stealing the money his "Charity" had collected to "help Veterans" until he had switched to the Republican Party an had started his campaign to con GOP Dirtflakes into voting for him.

Most of his financing after he drained his "Charity" dry came from the Koch/Kemper/Sinquefield coalition, so what are you saying the "Democrims" knew about him?

Seems that the Democrats probably knew he was a lying cheating Fraud and that's why he had to start "switch-hitting" for the Greedy Old Perverts, doesn't it?

Welcome to Kansas Shitty said...

Movie coming about affair --working title: "Fifty Shades of Greitens"

Anonymous said...

My well thought out commentary is: Fuck you libs. Period.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:03, Greitens is a pretty poor example of a "Man's Man" - they don't usually have to blindfold their women to keep them from giggling when they "drop trou" and show how small their ummm "hands" are!

But you're right about one thing, when he comes out of prison, his cellmate D'AntWan will have made sure Greitens was a "Man's man" several times!

Anonymous said...

You obviously never heard about S&M 12:27, it’s all part of the game that drives them women wild!

Anonymous said...

12:27 your right about one thing, they knew and tried to hide it, once he got in office and started shutting them down they played their card, only problem is it’s making all state officials look like idiots fighting over some sex scandal to gain votes. This is a red state and always will be, killa shitty and shitty Louis make sure of that

Anonymous said...

Dude like to party. He should run for Senate. Would fit in a lot better there.

Anonymous said...

There are two victims here, Greiten's wife and Katrina's husband. After getting felt up at work by Greiten's Katrina went to his house after he had already told her that he didn't want to be seen in public with her and that his wife wouldn't be home. She took her clothes off and put on a flimsy outfit sans undergarments of any kind. She let him tie her up and then is amazed that it suddenly turned sexual.

The reason people are slut-shaming this woman is that she is a slut. She betrayed her husband just like Greiten's betrayed his wife. Kudos to the ex-husband for finding a remedy for a severe offense that usually goes unpunished, a rich man seducing a poor man's wife. Greitens fucked his wife and destroyed his family and now he has fucked Greitens royally. Outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Adultery is not against the law, eff the pussy ex butthurt husband, he couldn’t make his woman happy in the sack so she went and found someone who could, we’ve all been cheated on at some point in our lives and moved on, Billy and John did this on a regular basis and nobody cared.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Not bad^^^^^^

Anonymous said...

Actually they thought billy and John were cool for having affairs while president

Anonymous said...

From Republican Rob Schaefer:

“Greitens defenders, please get this straight--once the photo was taken and the threat made, nothing she did with him after that could have been consensual. NOTHING. ”

5 Republican 2 Democrats from the committee is not a whitchunt - sicko Governor!

Anonymous said...



Corrupt Democrat St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Liberal Democrat St. Louis/KC/national media, an angry ex-husband, Democrats in MO Legislature, Anti-Greitens Republicans in MO Legislature, and non-thinking ignorant individuals are all clamoring to have the Governor resign before the evidence has been presented and the case heard.

All those listed above have a vested interest in convicting Greitens and forcing him out before the truth emerges.

Anonymous said...

Not he said she said. He is a LIAR. Ask Greitens wife if he lies.
She was forced to testify and is believable.

Greitens defenders, please get this straight--once the photo was taken and the threat made, nothing she did with him after that could have been consensual. NOTHING. ”

Defending Greitens is like defending evil.

It Takes Two! said...

There's been comments for weeks about K.S. (does that mean Kinky Slut?) getting with Greitens even after the alleged "shaming snapshot" and the alleged "blackmail threat". So, 8:42^, if indeed she went back for more, you're saying the meek, weak little lady returned to be in the company of a man who'd possibly continue being abusive and controlling. You want us to believe she did not fear for her safety enough to cease any additional nasty hook-ups?

They were both LIARS and CHEATERS for having affairs while married to others. I guess he held his "Big Gun" to her head, or her whatever, to keep her "cumming" back for more!