Saturday, April 14, 2018


Here's important testimony regarding an upscale neighborhood coping with homeowner neglect and no response from politicos just like every other part of this town.


Cleanup - Loose Park Homes Association

It is a sad state when a property in our fine neighborhood is allowed to be in a state of disrepair and remodeling for five years. This is the record. The City has not responded with fines and arrest warrants as they should. OUR NEIGHBORS have decided to do some clean up on their own. They are asking for help from neighbors to get the yard cleaned up. See this note below:

"Please distribute to our Loose Park Homes Assoc. members:

The home owner hasn't done it, The City has been no help, it is time we did it our selves. The property at ####### West 53rd Street is a neighborhood embarrassment. We should know. WE have lived across the street for 15 years and the last 5 the property has been neglected even more. 

We have attempted to contact the owner with no results. I have contacted our two city council members and promises have not been kept. I believe it is time for us to take some action to clean up the yard of leaves and branches.

Sutherlands Lumber has donated leaf bags and grass seed. For anyone interested in raking and bagging leaves, we will start at 10:00 on Saturday April 21 (rain date is the 22nd) The bags will be picked up as part of the City's Spring yard pickup on Friday the 27th.

I know we all have busy schedules but if you can give us some time it would be great. Bring your kids. If you can't work, just stop by and give us moral support.

If you have any questions, email me or call . . .

Thanks in advance.

Please show up and help out however you can . . . Loose Park Homes Association

Accordingly, this sad tale of neglect and then local activism inspires our playlist tonight.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Why should Loose Park be any different than most of the city that doesn't get help from City Hall.

Sly's fight against blight was just for show and a distraction from from all of the TIF money sent to developers.

Anonymous said...

This bumbling idiot doesn't know the city doesn't issue arrest warrants for property violations?! How about he learn the process. Old Geezar

KC Fact said...

City doesn't deal with blighted property at all. That's the problem

Anonymous said...

Don't blame someone for not knowing the process for dealing with blighted property. There isn't one. And the owners of said blighted property know how to circumvent any complaints. I applaud the neighborhood assn. for taking action. The City has never and will never care about any part of town.

Anonymous said...

8:05 it's not a neighborhoood association, it's a homeowner association there's a difference. How about you know and understand that?! I guess they couldn't take boats to Africa to kidnap more people to do their work for them?

Anonymous said...

Burn it and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

so they are going to trespass on private property and remove ( steal) what they think is trash landscape? what are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

7:36 you bumbling idiot yes they do, they’re called housing warrants and the police have about 7000 of them, if they won’t go get these people nothing can be done.

Anonymous said...

7:36 and sometimes they actually find them and some of them actually spend ten days in jail, how bout learn the process sonny boy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What is this idiot thinking? You cannot go on someone else’s property without their permission. That is called trespassing and I hope the homeowner calls the cops. If his neighbor’s yard does not meet this jerks standards, I suggest he moves.

Anonymous said...

When he is done cleaning up his neighbor’s yard, head on down to my neighborhood. We need some cleaning up along Beardsley Road.

Anonymous said...


GKCa said...

It's about time that people in KC cleaned up their own neighborhoods. Bravo to these patriots. Wish more parts of KC would step up and take care of their block. It would be much more effective than protesting and marching and meeting every week.

Anonymous said...

Loose Park is in "transition" KC just doesn't care about any other residents than those living in downtown luxury apartments.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ that’s right, if your outside king sLIE’s downtown loop, forget about it, your toast, for example, the city has seven street sweepers total and guess where four of them are, yup, inside the downtown loop. The other three have over 300 square miles of the city to cover while the best four sweepers cover about two miles apiece. It all makes since in drunky and 3D mini me’s world of scotch and white high school girls.

Star Chamber said...

Maybe KCMO does NOT have property owners arrested for Blighted property

BUT I know for a FACT, other cities do, once the proper procedures have been taken,
which include the following :

Sending a certified letter by US Postal Mail to be signed by the property owner on official city letterhead.
Than we had to wait 15 days for a RESPONSE back from the property owner

If NO Response, we went and physically POSTED the Property with a Notice from the city

Then send out another letter to the property owner via 2nd US Certified mail.

wait another 15 days for response

NO Response,,,,,,,, ???????

We sent out yet a 3rd registred us Postal letter on city letter head with a Court appearance Court Date


WE send in our MOWING / Clean UP Crew to clean up the & mow the property using a "CONTRACTOR" at $375.00 an hour with a 4 hour minimum and send the BILL to the Property Owner !!!

NO Response - and BILL NOT paid and still doesn'y bother to attend their COURT DATE ???????

I was authorized to issue an "Arrest Warrant" in the property owners name which I retrieved from "County Tax Records" !!!!

in Short, while I was the So called "WEED WARDEN" of a particular well known city here in Kansas City (NOT on the Missouri side)

I had a total of 3 PROPERTY OWNERS ARRESTED and they were brought to court !

1 Property owner who was also a fairly well known Real Estate agent was arrested at that time.

another was an out of state property owner who owned multiple blighted properties.

the 3rd was just a home owner who was into DRUGS and yaknow the rest of the story on that,, typical of those types etc. etc.

SO YES, there are some cities that will and should go after PROPERTY OWNERS who refuse to keep up their property so as NOT to devalue everybody elses property in the neighborhood and cause blight and additional crime !!!

These cases were pretty extreme tho !!

most of the cases I worked I met with property owners in person and worked with them

considering 3 arrested, out of several thousand in the city wasn't to badd !!

I was the WEED and Property Warden !!!

Frankly, I hated having people arrested over those issues, because it caused an insane amount of paper work on my end, that kept e from doing my other duties !!

Anonymous said...

Go to kcmo housing court and watch people show up in orange jumpsuits and hand cuffs, they have court every day of the week

Tunnel Vision Progressive said...

The elite and entitled liberals of Loose Park complain about everything and expect the city to drop everything and cater the Loose Park liberals needs.
The elite of Loose Park even complained about the gunfire in/or around Loose Park.
The elite of Loose Park need to get used to a little discomfort as Slie and the city does not care about them except at election time.
Who do the elite of Loose Park think they are? It is about time the elite of Loose Park get a little dirt on their hands. It does wash off.

Anonymous said...

Bend over and pay your 1% etax bitches. Then vote yes on every other stupid tax that comes along.

Anonymous said...

8:02 I’m adding this to the end of your statement. “more taxes that have nothing to do with making the city a better place to live!”

Maybe we need that extra money for all the new street signs for example, “Sly James historic homicide blvd” or “sLIE james historic trashy city blvd” or “sLIE James historic loves criminals blvd”

Anonymous said...

First world problems.

Anonymous said...

Oh there’s a process the 3-4 property inspectors, who are months behind show up issue a ticket and the in town property owner shows up to court only to get a continuous 90 day fix it up or else, except there’s no “or else”. The out of town landlord gets away scott free because he knows the city won’t soend the money to issue a warrant nor hire local deputies to serve it or reprimand to custody.

Anonymous said...

Yeah call the cops 911 they’ll show up in 2 weeks time.

Anonymous said...

10:16 nails it. Loose Park neighborhood needs to start planning for a different future. Despite the beautiful old homes, KCMO’s priority is DT now.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need: Rich Crybabies. They all let their dogs run loose at Loose Park, too. I told them we were going to put a DOG PARK at Loose Park. Whoop! You shoulda' heard 'em. Funny!

Anonymous said...

How would they notice? They are always inside their houses and never sit out on the porch where they can see things.