Saturday, April 28, 2018


A word on nomenclature from our blog community, shared in order to provide a better perspective on some of the tense feelings when it comes to even the terminology used to define the ongoing case.

Here's the word from one of our best and brightest readers edited by TKC only to throw in the word ALLEGEDLY as this case is still pending:

RE: I made the same request to ch 41--she is not a "mistress"

They had an affair, yes.
But the minute she said no, it was not consensual--and she was afraid of what he would do to her.

She is not a mistress or a former mistress.

Mistresses receive gifts.
Mistresses have penetration sex.
Mistresses are treated well.
Prized and respected.
Mistresses get out of the basement without having to cry or give a blow job so she can get to work.

Whereas people one has a casual affair with--are none of those things.

Eric Greitens has a (ALLEGED) sex addiction, perhaps to porn.
Eric Greitens is a(n ALLEGED) sexual ABUSER.
Perhaps a predator, don't know.
He doesn't respect women--his wife or the woman he had a(n ALLEGED) violent affair with.

Words matter, TKC.

Katrina S. was never a "mistress" and it's phony French pretension to call her that-- it elevates the relationship to consensual--which it wasn't the minute he (ALLEGEDLY) snapped her photo and threatened her repeatedly and on several occasions that if she ever talked, he would hurt her.

Thank you, TKC.

It's OK, as TV41's just started saying, "the woman he had an affair with."

That's a much lower level of relationship and commitment.

And so, in the future we'll think of better terminology as a consideration of the "many sides" of this case.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Greitens and sheriff Sharpe are hitting Thailand together when this is all over.

Anonymous said...

To the person who wrote this post (likely a Democrat woman; I'm guessing either Tracy Thomas or Lynn Bratcher).

Sorry but your posting is STUPID and MEANINGLESS!

Why so? Because it's based completely on unsubstantiated conjecture.

This case is a SHE SAID/HE SAID standoff.

Just because you choose to believe one unproven version of the story, doesn't make it true.

If this woman is a "victim" how come she NEVER went to the police and reported a crime?

How come $100,000 was funneled through an attorney to bring the allegations forward?

If an alleged blackmail photo was taken, how come no one has been able to recover it?

When the story initially broke, and for weeks afterward, how come the woman begged the media to be left alone?

If a real crime was committed, as opposed to a political hit-job, why has St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner violated the law and routine procedure in bringing the case?

Private citizen Eric Greitens and his then-hairdresser had a consensual affair. You can accuse him of bad judgment and immoral behavior in this pre-politics affair, but he didn't commit a crime in this case.

Anonymous said...

10:29 WINNER!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

10:29 INCEL LOSER!!!,

Anonymous said...

10:29 makes all the right points. Another issue is the phone. If she is such a victim then why the move to hide the phone? To me KS is about as much a victim of a political witch hunt as EG is. Neither one of them brought this out into the open and the manner in which it was smells badly of revenge and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

A mistess is what goes between a mister and a mattress

Anonymous said...

The Sunday opening page here was nothing but glorification of Negroes and sluts. Wonder anybody even reads this garbage.

Anonymous said...

Greitens didn’t testify making a litany of excuses... he has gotten less done for the state of Missouri and both parties will not let him sign bills.
Why won’t he answer where his donor attorney money comes from?
Why won’t he answer where his money comes from to get elected?
Why did he use Confide? Confide is NOT going away... the cache is coming.
Why does he avoid the media?
He lied to his wife... think he doesn’t lie to the public ?
If you ever had a mom or daughter- think of Bill Cosby when you think of Greitens.
Have to give him some credit- he brought the definition of scumbag sleezeball to a new level.
He has made Missouri worse and Mo would have been better if had never existed.

Anonymous said...

She's a slut.

So what?

Anonymous said...

Women like children are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions

Anonymous said...

A mistress is often referred to as a Kept Woman.

That doesn't mean Kept in the Basement...

Anonymous said...

Would you still like him if he weren't an asshole?

Anonymous said...

Oh the liberal revisionists! She is a MISTRESS! She willing went to his house, willing went to his basement, willing let herself get tied up, really enjoyed getting worked over because she went back that same day and again days later. What a liberal shame trying to take down an up and coming GOP politician.