Take a look at a gear donation for a growing political movement in the Northland.

The good news for an otherwise dreary election this week is that Clay County volunteers made progress in collecting signatures for an audit regarding wasteful spending and sparked by a great deal of political drama.

The group is soon to reach their goal and has encountered more support and attention for their good government efforts than they expected.

Developing . . .


  1. If these people really don't have any agenda other than cleaning up the county and if they don't have the support of either party then they are in for a shock. They will be viciously trashed by the media, the MO Ethics Commission will probably attempt to fine them and the entire establishment will be harassing them.

    1. Put down the Koolaid pooky.

      MEC is involved in elections and doesn't get involved in audit petitions.

      With the exception of one local teevee station plus TKC, media interest has been indifferent at best.

  2. By whose definition of wasteful?

    Fox News told President Trump that Mexico was invading our country, so he's sending troops to the border until his wall is built.

    Border crossings are at their lowest level since 1971.

    He thinks this is an urgent need; I think it's a waste of money.

  3. @7:11 This citizen group has the support of both political parties. Over 70 current and former public officials have come out in support of the state audit. The list of public officials include ALL of the county state reps and mayors. Members of the Democratic Central Committee and Republican Committee are helping to gather signatures. When was the last time Democrats and Republicans agreed on anything? The media has also been very supportive.

  4. common sense4/5/18, 9:31 AM

    7:40 Desperate to troll totally off topic anti Trump BS. Clay County MO has nothing to do with national politics. What a fucking loser idiot.

  5. Diogenes Jr.4/5/18, 9:51 AM

    "Common Sense", I agree that @ 7:40 was Waaaay off topic, but at first I thought the last sentence of your post was an "ad hominem" attack that had no place on this blog.

    But upon rereading, I realized that you added that last bit as self-criticism - don't be so hard on yourself, pal..

  6. Diogenes Jr.4/5/18, 10:15 AM

    Doesn't really make any difference, if "Sweet Luann" and her Hand Puppet Gene go down as the result of an Audit, the "Mormon Mafia" in Liberty won't have any trouble installing another pair of flunkies.

    Might cut down on the junk mail we get in Clay County mailboxes for a while, but no other results.

  7. Clay County's Own Jesse James4/5/18, 11:16 AM

    This petition is another tactic in the plan of Jeff Roe and his developer clients to return Clay County to the control of a few developers.
    Yes, many well-intentioned people have signed the petition; but, they have been duped.
    Presiding Commissioner Nolte has been leading the effort to create controversy in order to discredit the other officeholders in the hope that the others can be easily defeated. Nolte is a sock puppet for the developers and their consultants who want to control Clay County.
    This is part of a longtime strategy to defeat the others and regain control of Clay County. Millions of dollars in TIF and other incentives are at stake.
    The voters have noticed Nolte's effort to wreck Clay County. When Pam Mason was Presiding Commissioner, before Nolte, there was very little controversy. Nolte is going to have trouble getting re-elected.

  8. Some of the previous comments are way off base. This audit movement is about wasteful spending and transparency. First off, the media has zero influence over this movement. Some of the comments were anonymous - why are you hiding ? Pretty sure everyone knows who you are.

  9. I love how they want an audit to investigate "wasteful spending" that will cost around $250K once the dust settles. This has bi-partisan support of anyone up for election only because it's too easy for their opponents to write a campaign mailer "why won't he sign the petition?!?!?!"

    I'm not sure if Roe has anything to do with this but there is certainly motivation by the old guard who want to get their county gravy train and old cash under the table system back.

  10. Jeff Roe has nothing to do with this audit

  11. Correct, if Roe had something to do with this audit petition, it would have already been completed. Like him or not and I do, he is an ass kicker.

    On the other hand Chief Petitioner Jason, Sam I am, Sherry, Jay, Terri and Stacy to name a few have done a valiant effort to get signatures. I just hope they registered their PAC with the MO Ethcis commission?

    It's sad that they are now having fix a problem that didn't exist four years ago. Mason, like her or not, is no Jimmy Carter. The gal gets stuff done within the law and the insiders don't like it so they got a bobble to run. And now we got this hot mess...

  12. Hey Sammy -- you got personal problems you should be taking care of -- over six pages of legal actions. Check it out:
    Wowza! Loser!

  13. Jim Murray -- not much better

    Shouldn't have to be sued to pay your taxes!



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