Sunday, April 29, 2018

TKC Fact Check: Charter Change Includes Pay Increase Amid Jackson County Crisis

Here's a sign that there's not much hope for the courthouse . . . Our blog community reported this MONTHS AGO and now it's news fact and up for debate . . . Amid a slew of negative publicity, infighting and hard feelings, the charter change proposed for Jackson County includes a SUBSTANTIAL PAY RAISE FOR POLITICOS.

The focus is on term limits but the EPIC pay bump should encourage more voter ire. Read more:

How Long Should They Serve? Jackson County Legislature Takes Up Charter Changes

When Jackson County legislators convene Monday afternoon, they'll be taking the first step into determining their own future. At that meeting, legislator Greg Grounds, who represents much of eastern Jackson County and is one of two Republicans in the county legislature, will introduce a controversial plan to change the county charter.


Anonymous said...

Not sure term limits will make a difference. Where's Tindall working now? Who gets favored with County Contracts, no bid items, catering, bottled water etc?

Super Dave said...

Those changes are not really to out of line. But term limits should be eight years total across the board and on the tax thing rather it is federal, state, or city they are removed if in errors for more than 30 days and if in errors more than once. That same rule should apply to all city government members as well.

Anonymous said...

Super Dave 4/29/18, 9:35 AM

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Thank God.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Was a duplicate post you idiot I saw it

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