Monday, April 16, 2018


Take a look at more info on the topic of increasing gun violence confronting Kansas City.

Here's the latest word from a top ranking local law enforcement official . . .

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, with support from the Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, will hold on April 20, a special daylong discussion called The Realities of Gun Violence in Kansas City: A Community Discussion. The event will be held from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center, 4801 Rockhill Road in Kansas City.

The event will assemble the voices of gun violence’s toll – from a Columbine survivor to front-line responders to victims left behind to bear the long-term impacts of trauma.

“Our community must learn to better cope with the daily violence and its enormous impacts on children, families and community,” said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. “Our children bear the greatest burden. Some in urban neighborhoods go to bed despite the sound of gunfire in the night. Others can’t help but worry about an unsuspected shooter at school.”

“We must all work together to reduce the level of violence,” Baker added. “But we also must all make ourselves more aware of the impacts of this level of violence on the institutions of our city, the hospitals, the schools, the businesses and our households.”


Topics for discussion include:

Gun violence in Missouri - Info on violence rates in Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis and how they compare to rest of the nation.

Battlefield medicine, treating gunshot victims - Team response to gun violence and its victims, as well as new emerging trends to stop the bleed.

Treating the trauma that follows mass shootings - 1st Person Testimony - Dr. Samantha Haviland was a student at Columbine High School during the mass school shooting in 1999. She is now a director of counseling support services for Denver Public Schools.

Trauma exposure - Info on the psychosocial and health consequences of trauma exposure, including the evaluation of traumatic stress prevention and early intervention programs.

Impact from gun trauma on schools, parents, kids and family - A roundtable discussion by local professionals.

The Kansas City community response to victims, families and neighborhoods affected by gun violence - A discussion of models employed nationally to reduce violence and presentation of strategies currently used in Kansas City.

Will all of this work to prevent more violence???

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

The conversation is important but we need to talk more about enforcement? What about the role that judges play in keeping criminals locked up?

Jameson said...

^^^ At least she's doing something. Most of the other elected officials don't even want to mention the problem and would rather distract voters with sidewalks rather than let everyone know that most of their work is just getting contracts for their biggest donors.

Anonymous said...

Will there be punch & pie at this dog & pony show?

Jim Claxton NKC said...

Informing people is good work, having a discussion about the problem is important too but it's even more critical to put plans into ACTION. So far, only the police chief has told KC residents what he's going to do to reduce crime on local streets. More officers was a good start but obviously there is more work to be done.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it. Jackson County Judges are responsible for the crime problem in Jackson County.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, here's a novel idea!

Let's enforce the law that's already on the books.

Somehow, I just have a feeling that Baker's "discussion" will involve a lot of hand wringing, calls for collaboration, and demands that "somebody ought to do something."

Sadly, there will likely be no talk concerning who commits the overwhelming majority of violence and homicide in KCMO (young black males). This will be a discussion placing the blame and responsibility on all residents, despite the fact that it's a small minority who are the perpetrators.

Please bring your own white guilt to the meeting, or there will be an additional charge to purchase some at the door.

Gus said...

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you vote for a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Great comment at 10:59. I may not totally a gree but I will say that it's more honest than anything we'll hear at this event.

Anonymous said...

If this bitch wasn't so soft on crime there wouldn't be so much gun violence and honest citizens wouldn't have to go around armed to the teeth.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if a bunch of academics and activists talking all day is going to help much.

Star Chamber said...

Jean Peters Baker , nothing but a FRAUD !!!!

Anonymous said...

Next maybe KCMO could have a seminar put on by the fire department that teaches residents how to treat burns and rescue their families from buildings torched by a roaming gang of arsonists.
Meanwhile the FD won't be adding any personnel or doing anything else to increase the effectiveness of their responses, but instead will continue to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on fake nonprofits which make believe they're addressing the issue.
Some members of the nonprofits even know who some of the arsonists are.
It's about time to throw in the towel and move when elected and appointed officials whose responsibility is to provide for the safety of the community have obviously given up, accept the status quo (as of April 17 there have been 37 murders in KCMO this year), and instead focus on battlefield dressings and triage.
ANYTHING but address the real issue, its perpetrators, and it cause.

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice that the agenda is all about after the violence. Nothing about stopping or preventing it.

Anonymous said...

Bigger jails to hold violent offenders for their whole sentence. These shootings are not for the most part a first offence for these budding rappers.

Anonymous said...

Talking about the gun violence in the city will do nothing! This is a huge waste of everyone's time. I can't believe the Mayor, county prosecutor, and judges don't know how to handle the crime in this city. The blood is on Jean Peters Baker, all judges, and Sly James hands, you people are the cause of all of this! You are the real killers. Get off of your lazy ass and handle it!

chuck said...




"Treating the trauma that follows mass shootings - 1st Person Testimony - Dr. Samantha Haviland was a student at Columbine High School during the mass school shooting in 1999. She is now a director of counseling support services for Denver Public Schools."

It's way past time, that we, as a society, start to look at the language used to control and manipulate us. "Mass School Shootings" get far more press and far more attention than the real, actual cause of the lion's share of violence in this country, which, is committed by black people.

If we look at shootings with guns on a yearly basis, which is far more reasonable than looking at shootings with guns at a school shooting, the stats show, that the SLOW MOTION, ONGOING, SHOOTINGS EMPLOYING THE USE OF GUNS, WHICH, IS, IN EFFECT, A SLOW MOTION MASS SHOOTING THAT NEVER ENDS, is at the hands of a small percentage of black people with guns.

Redefining "Mass Shootings" to include, yearly totals, or, even monthly totals, would seem to be more logical, when you look at the totality of the numbers.

Fixing this is, as they say, "problematic".

Shaming the black community, for it's existential role in the chaos and mayhem that they so obviously are responsible for, would wreck the Progressive/Democrat voting paradigm, that ensures the election of Democrats on every election day over the last 40 years.

Assigning the actual real time, "Jordons On The Ground" responsibility to the actual people who commit crimes and shaming those communities into action by way of pressure from the corrupt 4th Estate, Politicians who need the black-block-vote, Colleges and the Entertainment Industry is a pipe dream. There is money in death, in chaos, in entropy and belligerent ignorance.

We will, as a society, continue to, behind closed doors, understand that repeated verification = justifiable belief and that the real problems we have with violence in our nation, is, for the most part, the categorical responsibility of the black people with guns and criminal intent, who commit the crimes.

Progressive/Democrats are far more interested in the defeat of the Right at any cost. Pretending that gangbangers and still another generation of degenerate, violent black killers, will ride up to the police station on unicorns and turn in their guns along with white law abiding citizens so that we can all sing Kumbaya and hold hands in a fuckin Coke Commercial is insane.

The quid pro quo for the dead, the violence, the dysfunction, is the elevation to power and sinecure on election day for those on the left and the taxes euchred out of the middle class to support the vote-for-a-living parasites who kill us in so many ways every day of the week.

Keep pretending that gun control is not actually PEOPLE CONTROL and that "Mass Shootings" only take place at schools.

chuck said...

6:55 As if no one else is going to report it later in the day?

Orphan of the Road said...

The Second Amendment is going nowhere but the gun grabbers and paper tigers will dominate the conversation.

The catch-and-release of common criminals will not be discussed.

These folks identify a symptom of the problem and believe they have solved the problem.

Ever watch a crab crawl backwards to the ocean? That's government.

Tunnel Vision Progressive said...

Reason demands that true courage be defined by a person’s willingness to defend the life and liberty of himself and those around him.
Disarming law-abiding citizen’s demands, on the other hand, that courage be defined by a person’s trust in the police to imprison the correct suspect after the person is already dead.
That is not only absurd, but dangerous.
So, who can trust mean Jean, the judges, and the police.

Has anyone noticed how the lame stream media, progressives, and the liberals are blaming the bomber in Austin and not the bombs whereas in the mass shootings this same group blames the gun?

Anonymous said...

Leftism is, at its core, based upon the abject and unapologetic denial of observable reality. They’re not just insane, they’re proudly insane. Point out their hypocrisy until Gabriel blows his horn, and it won’t affect them a bit. We’re dealing with people who have knowingly and willingly turned their backs on any form of logic and reason. The only reason they’re winning is that sane people haven’t stepped up and put them in the rubber room where they obviously belong.

Anonymous said...

1. After a genocide, everyone says “Never again!”
2. Governments keep on committing genocide.
3. Armed populations NEVER suffer genocide.
4. Governments always disarm populations before genocide.
Talk is cheap.
Thankfully so is ammunition and gas.
You can’t stop genocide. But you can stop it happening to you.

Anonymous said...

When all the guns have been banned,
When all the words have been censored,
When all the history has been erased,
When all the freedom has been taken,
When all the people have been loaded into boxcars,
Only then will you discover why our right to bear
arms was so high on the list.

Anonymous said...

Thank god mean jean is an idiot

Anonymous said...

My God! Guns! Oh no! ain't takin' ma guns!, I gots a 2nd amendment right!, ma cold dead hands! I'm a patriot fellers! I fuck guns!

Anonymous said...

Mean Jean is sexy and dumb like a fox.

Anonymous said...

Mean jean is sexy and dumb like a donkey!

Anonymous said...

Mean jean can’t even convict murderers let alone solve the “black gun problems”

Anonymous said...

Never forget that the City gets MONEY PAYMENT for pushing the gun-control agenda from the Bloomberg group through the Smart Cities program where the City SELLS YOUR PRIVACY for Cash Dollars that you and I don't see.