Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Murder Of Johnathon Porter

Here's what many among our blog community feel is the most important story of the week. In this clip we round-up the horrific deets of the murder of an innocent utility worker as authorities continue to look for the suspect.

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Anonymous said...

When they find the son of a bitch who did it, they need to bury him under the jail.

chuck said...

Nice video, very polite, pithy and to the point, but, not worth a fuck and not one goddamned thing will change.

Bill George can call for the mitigation of criminality and the homicide rate, but will be censured and destroyed for telling the truth and offering what is, an obvious solution, that would NOT cost an extra $5,000.00 more than the $5,000.00 now offered. Money will NEVAR fix this problem here in KC, or, in any other city in America.

What no one is allowed to say in public, is, what we all know. That the outrageously disproportionate levels of African American Criminality is the categorical cause for the dysfunction, destruction and ensuing dystopia that afflicts major cites across our country.

The solution is actually simple. The Entertainment Industry, must stop producing programs by the thousands, that vilify Law Enforcement and pretend in the face of the unambiguated evidence, that every crime committed is not a conspiracy by white police to imprison blacks. When was the last time you saw a commercial with Black Criminals for an alarm company? Are there any black criminals on TV, that would reflect the realities in the streets? Not many, if any. The culture, controlled by Progressives in Hollywood, exacerbates the racial divide, by dwelling on and exaggerating any and every incident of white criminality and obfuscating or ignoring the insane incidence of black criminality. Hence, de facto permission for the insanity to continue unabated.

The 4th Estate, should report the truth about African American criminality on a daily basis and emphasize the description of the perps. Because it is so pervasive, documentaries and news programs should lead whenever possible, with the stories of unending rape, murder, assault, theft and intimidation by African American criminals.

Our politicians should just step up to the microphone and tell the truth about who killed, raped, stole from and assaulted our neighbors, our families, our friends and place the blame where it belongs and not some nebulous, societal theory about how crime is caused, not committed.


This will NEVAR happen. The radical, Democrat/Progressive Fascist Faction of the Communist Cathedral now infects, directs and rules over the Media, Academe, the Deep State and is suffused within every aspect of our country on a cellular basis.

Money, power and sinecure are gauranteed by way of co-opting the black block vote, which in turn, is motivated by rancor, divisiveness and illogical hatred of "Whitey". The emotional connection to a specious, pernicious and false narrative, by the black population, not only keeps these sick, twisted fucks we have elected in power, it contributes to the dysgenic dysfunction that must be endured, by the very black people in urban cores, who must live through the violence every day.


It's simple.

Until then, people like my dear friend, will be killed on the Indian Creek Trail in Black On White Hate Crimes that will be relegated to the back pages of newspapers, ignored by major affiliates (Imagine if it was a white serial killer on Indian Creek Trail-Speelburg, that shit heel fuck, would already have a movie in progress.), unmentioned by any political candidate and obfuscated in general by the Entertainment Industry who would fuckin NEVER produce a story with evil racist blacks killing whites.

Nothing will change.

Kill The Mockingbird said...

Stop the lies.

Heather MacDonald said...

The charge of pervasive police “racism” is, after all, driven in great part by the fact that police arrest, or stop and frisk, blacks at rates higher than they do whites or other ethnicities. But is racism the reason for this differential? In a Slate interview, Mac Donald notes that per capita rates of gun violence are 81 times higher in Brooklyn’s Brownsville, a predominantly black neighborhood, than in nearby Bay Ridge, which is predominantly white and Asian. Under such circumstances, should Bay Ridge be policed in exactly the same way as Brownsville? If you answer yes, you may establish your “non-racist” bona fides, but also that you couldn’t care less about the optimal allocation of scarce police resources in Brooklyn.

The difficult subject which Mac Donald gets to (more so in the Slate interview than in the Wall Street Journal piece) is that the underlying issue is not policing, but crime. People may not like the fact that blacks are arrested in disproportionate numbers, but this is due far more to disproportionate rates of criminal behavior than to racist police officers. It’s a fact that most people probably know and yet prefer not to state, which results in a stilted and not particularly honest national debate about policing.

Anonymous said...

Bil George is just as guilty of what is wrong with this town as the elected ones are. He used his money to push and bully his way around to getting his way on things now he wants to come off looking like he is some sort of a saint by calling out what he helped to create.

Bill George is just another fragment of what is wrong in KC.

Anonymous said...

Another hate crime murder committed by the racist black community. Nobody is more racist than black people. I assure you this hate crime is silently cheered by black people. By now, dozens if not hundreds of racist black people in the East side know who did this and applaud is way, way past time for this city to go Giuliani. I'm no fan of the guy since 9/11 but there is no denying he cleaned up NYC and it needs to happen here. The problem is our mayor and city council is also filled with black racists that silently applaud another dead white person killed in a black-on-white hate crime. Are there way too many illegal guns and gun owners in the East side? Damn right there is. Know how to get them off the streets? Allow the police to do their job. If black peo0feelings get hurt so what? Stop breaking the law. I'll never know why we kowtow to the racist, violent, worthless 12% of our population who offer so little to society. Other than sports and music they are just the biggest burden on normal citizens who just want to go about their day without being the victim of a black-on-white hate crime. Think about the huge percentage of black people who are unable and unwilling to work for what they want. This murder and Jeffrey McDonald's murder (another victim of a black-on-white hate crime) should be the only priorities of the KCMO murder squad. The murder on Blue Ridge last night? Forget it. It was just another black-on-black murder, who cares? Black people certainly don't. The police will get no help from the "community" anyways so fucking them. Those other two hate crimes need to be solved.

chuck said...

This is an excerpt from that moron Obama, during his speech, at the funerals of the 5 dead Dallas Cops, killed by a "Black Lives Matter" supporter.

"But we know -- but, America, we know that bias remains. We know it. Whether you are black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or of Middle Eastern descent, we have all seen this bigotry in our own lives at some point. We’ve heard it at times in our own homes. If we’re honest, perhaps we’ve heard prejudice in our own heads and felt it in our own hearts. We know that. And while some suffer far more under racism’s burden, some feel to a far greater extent discrimination’s sting. Although most of us do our best to guard against it and teach our children better, none of us is entirely innocent. No institution is entirely immune. And that includes our police departments. We know this."

This is how sick, twisted and irredeemable the Progressive Narrative has become. At the funeral, the most divisive, corrosive and criminal occupant of the White House since Warren Harding, lectured the survivors of the shoot out and the families of the victims, on "Institutional Racism".

The blood from the victims still stained the streets of Dallas, but, hey, we gotta keep the demagoguery bullhorn at full blast, fuck the truth.

The insults to our intelligence we might be able to stomach during a speech to the "base" during an election, but, here, at a funeral, is the definable, necrotic, sick evidence of not only a solipistic narcissism permeating the psyche of the Nobel Prize winning "Constitutional Scholar" (What a fuckin joke), Obama, but the method and intent, to turn the entire country into a Cambodian re-education camp for those whose opinions differ from the "Narrative".

Again, there is no shame, no consequence for such a churlish breach of etiquette and decency. The implication of "racism" to the families of the dead. The excuse for violence to continue in spite of feckless, faux calls for peace, while he laughs up his sleeve and assigns blame, NOT to the killer, but "Racism".

Anonymous said...

Cheers Chuck, I missed that bit of Obama stupidity. I had long tuned him out before that event, for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

White police men were killing unarmed black men in self-defense at a pace of about once a week.

This was happening because the white police men were afraid, "I've never been so scared in all my life." kept being repeated like it was talking points.

Chuck isn't being objective. He isn't capable of being objective, because just like these police men he's afraid of black men.

Luka said...

Afraid of blk men... I kno theres atleast 130 kansas City mo residents last year that should have been afraid of blk men

Anonymous said...

12:42 stinks of Byron

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Bingo^^^^


Quit lying, Funky@12:42. They were all armed. Always are. Their loud mouths and hard heads are always ready to fire. They yell, threaten, squirm, punch, kick, spit, head-butt, and resist in the worst ways.

Your first sentence should be:Blacks are killing blacks at a much higher rate than police and non-POCs, combined, kill blacks every week in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

The police chief of St Louis stated in a speech recently that of the 205 murders in St Louis last year 204 involved a black person. Goddamn right I'm leery of black people. The odds of you being the victim of a crime increases exponentially in the presence of a single black person. Look at that construction worker. There was no fight, no argument, nothing. He was randomly killed in yet another black-on-white hate crime. Guy is just working away and next thing he's dead. Over nothing, except for the hate black people have for white people. Why wouldn't cops be hyper-alert around black people? They are the ones who commit crimes, especially violent crimes. They are the felons carrying illegal firearms. Cops know black people are perfectly willing to go to prison over nothing. Cops know black people are uneducated, lack self-control, are impulsive, and extremely violent. Of course cops are on edge around black people. They know one misstep around the protected class can end their career, and their life, or get themselves sent to prison. All black people should go back to Africa. I really hate southerners for being too lazy to pick their own damn cotton. They ruined what could have been the perfect country.

Anonymous said...

"Over nothing, except for the hate black people have for white people."

Why shouldn't blacks hate whites?

"All black people should go back to Africa."

All white people should go back to Europe.

Anonymous said...

3:52 I believe we were here before your beloved coloreds, we ain’t causing the trouble, your peeps are so they should go and go fast! Go with them to

Anonymous said...

It’s not just murders either. Blacks ruin every place they go. Am I racist? No, I’m a realist. Can you name one neighborhood, shopping area, school, etc. that maintained or improved its standing and appearance after blacks came in? The crime is just an added bonus. It may start as small offenses like petty theft or property vandalism, but once they have a significant presence in the area, it’s only a matter of time before homicides start occurring. If you think I’m wrong, I challenge you to review the demographics and crime statistics of Overland Park. Until people stop allowing themselves to be force-fed this BS about the benefits of diversity and that we’re all exactly alike, etc. things will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Bill George's place has been located in a crime infested shithole ever since they took it over. For him to cry wolf now really makes him look like the bitch he is. By the way is he GAY, does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

3:52 sounds like you're advocating murder of white people by black people, is that right? Sure sounds like it.

Anonymous said...

Where is a good ethno virus when ya need it ?

Realtor funded research has surely got one by now.

The investments are made, let it go already.

Anonymous said...

Fine. Is no one going to say it? This was a hate crime.