Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Kansas City Sunday News Stand

Here's a bit of angelic redemption for Sunday . . .

People: Victoria's Secret's Adriana Lima: 'I Will Not Take Off My Clothes Anymore For an Empty Cause'

Dont't worry, she's not quitting Victoria's Secret anytime soon but might be showing just a little less skin.

Closer to home:

Po-Po Big Pharma Cleanup

Police Officers Fan Out Across Kansas City Metro To Collect Unwanted Pills

Cheri Post recently had shoulder replacement surgery. It was painful, but, she said, she didn't need all of the pain medication she was prescribed. "Then you go back for follow ups," Post described. "Doctors are still trying to give me medication. All they do is push pain pills on you."

Kansas City Second Chance

Group works to help recently released inmates adjust to freedom

A local group aims to help inmates who've recently been released from prison get back into the community. It's no easy job and on Saturday they welcomed someone who knows a thing or two about what it feels like to get back out there after being on the inside for so long.

Kansas City Police Capture Murder Suspect And Name Victim

UPDATE: Police identify victim of Friday night's homicide

UPDATE 4/29: Kansas City police have identified the victim of Friday's shooting as Norez R. Block. Block was 26 years old. UPDATE: The suspect of interest has been identified and is in custody, according to the Kansas City Police Department and the TIPS Hotline.

Home Team Comeback

Cuthbert's two home runs power the Royals to 5-4 victory over the White Sox

Coming into today, Cheslor Cuthbert had been struggling. Only hitting .216/.298/.284, Cuthbert's wRC+ of 50 was approaching starting pitcher levels of offense. In fact, just last night, I completed an article with the title "It's probably time for the Cheslor Cuthbert experiment to end soon."


Kauffman Gardens, Spring 2018

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Anonymous said...

Cops all be higher than a mofo later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Poor Adriana, she’ll take her clothes off for money, doesn’t matter what the cause is, she just wants more money to do it now