The Kansas City Sunday Link Downpour

First, a pop-diva puts life for the plebs into perspective:

Taylor Swift Reportedly Wants to 'Set Down Roots' and Buy a $42M House . . .

And then we review some of the top news links for the day:

Kansas City Global Climate Change

Winter refuses to go away: Snow returns to Kansas City

Posted: Sunday, April 8, 2018 6:26 PM EDT Updated: Sunday, April 8, 2018 6:28 PM EDT KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Yes, you're not imaging that snow you're seeing outside right now. A band of snow has entered the Kansas City metro area.

Golden Ghetto Burnout

Eleven rescued, twenty displaced from O.P. apartment fire

OVERLAND PARK, Kans. - UPDATE: APRIL 8, 10:45A.M. -A person in a nearby playground called 911 about 8:20 reporting smoke coming from the apartment building. It happened in a building at the Magnolia Parc apartment complex off of 80th Street in Overland Park.

Kansas City Scribe Contemplation

Writer with The Call recalls KC riots and the one good thing that may have come out of it

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After the fires were out and the dust settled in the 1968 riots, questions lingered. Why would Kansas City police use that level of force on unarmed teenage students? How did white Kansas Citians respond? And what came after?

Today's KCMO Runaround

Police chase ends with driver in custody; two passengers suffer critical injuries

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A police chase ended on Saturday with a driver in custody and two people hospitalized with critical injuries. Police said a silver Pontiac Grand Prix struck a parked KCPD police cruiser at a crash scene near 59th Terrace and Jackson.

New Hope For Fanboys

Kansas City Royals: It is time to appreciate Ian Kennedy

Ever since Ian Kennedy signed his 5-years/$70 million deal in 2016 with the Kansas City Royals, Kennedy has been beaten down by fans. Whether that is because of the structure of his contract, having an opt-out after 2017, or the fact that he signed the second highest contract in franchise history, Kennedy has not really received a fair shake in Kansas City.

Local Cinderella Via MO Rage

Opera's Miss Congeniality Takes On a Rare 'Cinderella'

"My character, after a flame with a Roman soldier in woods," she said, "runs to Norma's hut, drops to her knees and begs her friend for forgiveness. And I did the same gesture I had done for five weeks of rehearsal: I collapsed on my knees and cradled my head - the same physical gesture Joe had done.

And this the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. That asshole from The Call is "misremembering" things from the 60s again.

  2. STFU, racist.

    1. Sounds like you've got some hate you'd like to spew.

  3. So, you & Kevin are friends, now.

    That's nice.

  4. He remembers everything about the beat downs and tear gas while he was eight blocks away in elementary school, ya right, I believe him!


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