The Kansas City Friday Crime Roundup

Here's an update for fans of OTNB and a look at the local crime scene that's just a bit scarier . . .

Urban Core Kansas City Self-Defense

Police: Man says he fatally shot intruder at vacant building

Kansas City police are questioning a man who says he fatally shot an intruder early Friday at a vacant apartment building he was renovating on East Linwood Boul...

Local Witness Intimidation Alleged

Woman charged with witness tampering in connection with son's case

A Kansas City woman has been charged after allegedly contacting potential witnesses or victims and attempting to persuade them to not press charges in a pending criminal case. Sabrina A. Hill, 37, faces a single count of tampering with a witness in a felony prosecution.

Retail Danger At Embattled Mall

Man charged for secretly taping teen, woman at Oak Park Mall Forever 21

OLATHE, Kan. - A Joplin, Missouri, man is facing charges for breaching the privacy of two people at an Oak Park Mall store. Anthony DeLapp, 33, allegedly used a camera to secretly take pictures of two people at the Forever 21 store at the mall. The incidents are alleged to have occurred on Oct.

Confronting Hard Time After Rape Verdict

Jackson County jury recommends 18-year prison sentence after rape conviction

A Jackson County jury has recommended that a Kansas City man convicted of raping a woman be sentenced to 18 years in prison. Justin Fields, 28, was convicted earlier this week of forcible rape and forcible sodomy. Prosecutors said the assault happened at the victim's home in June 2013.

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