Friday, April 27, 2018

Tech Titans Take On Kansas Adoption Bill

Here's the round-up of the Internets impacting Sunflower State public policy that would offer an opt-out for faith-based services that didn't agree with government rules & regs and U.S. law . . . Read more:

Tech companies urge defeat of religious-freedom adoption bill

TechNet, a network of more than 80 major technology companies, including AT&T, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google, have sent a joint letter to Kansas House and Senate leaders, urging them to reject a bill that would ensure that faith-based child welfare services that only work with families reflecting their own religious beliefs would still have access to contracts and grants to work with the state child welfare system.


Anonymous said...

Doesn’t fit the dummocrat ideals so naturally it must die, these people are sickening. You would think that making sure children that get adopted would be the priority but no, politics of a sick bunch of idiots has to get in the way

Anonymous said...

Satan's Titans of Tech