Go ahead and try to find a hero as policy and the important work confronting Jeff City takes a backdoor (ouch) to the political debate prompted by the sexual proclivities of the Guv . . .

Meanwhile . . . "The lawyer for a woman who had an affair with Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens says the governor is letting his team of attorneys "attack" his client by "mischaracterizing her deposition testimony" instead of taking responsibility for his own actions."

You decide . . .

Attorney for Greitens: "There's no picture. There's no evidence."

The lawyer for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is calling for St. Louis Circuit attorney Kim Gardner to drop her case against his client. Speaking to KCTV5, attorney Ed Dowd said Gardner made a mistake in charging the case. "I think Kim Gardner made a mistake in charging this case before knowing enough of the facts," Dowd said.


  1. That's why it's always imbedded in your mind if on a jury "without a reasonable doubt".

  2. A lot of alleged _hit coming out, Gardner under FBI investigation, accuser "had a dream", lead investigator lying during testimony, no photo, waste of taxpayer money. AG Hawley needs to step in and end this sham.

  3. Hay Amigo, you left out one person in your query, kim gardner. What is kim gardner's motive in this BOGUS prosecution? Overturning an election? What's going on in STL? The Ferguson debacle, now this?

  4. Kim Gardner did not make a mistake. She committed prosecutorial malfeasance,for which she should be disbarred.

  5. She’s black and he’s white, the is revenge for kicking the black chick out


  6. I agree Kim Gardner knew exactly what she was doing! This was a hate crime against Gov. Greitens, and conservatives in the state of Missouri!

  7. Who to believe? an honorable Navy Seal Governor or a slut out fucking around on her Democrat small dick husband? As usual, Democrats lose.

  8. It's after 10:00AM. We are no longer entertaining comments. All shut-ins get out of the house. The sun is out!!!! Only the losers will respond further. If you do, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  9. Seems only certain sentences were used as the media doesn’t have the whole story.
    The woman has finally- at last - told her story.
    Remember- more to come from the Confide App that will shed light... ( currently subpoenaed?)

  10. Question of the day. Who's the bigger whore, Kim Gardner who prostitutes her office by using it for political intrigue, or the slut who cheated on her husband with a married man?

  11. How does anyone SEE a camera when you are blindfolded?
    You don't. You just hear the shutter click.
    And then you hear Eric Duct Tape Greitens tell you, "you won't ever talk about this, or else." Before he places the phone somewhere safely to the side, so he doesn't drop his I-phone and break the screen while F'ing her in the basement. So in case his wife calls from the hospital, he can answer without getting the phone all gummy.

    Had KS/The Woman, testified she SAW the camera, she's have been trapped because of the BLINDFOLD! And being tied up and facing the other direction.

    Apparently you don't look at enuf men's mags. They don't take photos of your front, they take them of your behind.

    Ed Dowd, it's NOT all about the picture. It's the verbal threat.

  12. @ 10:18, easy to answer the bigger whore is the Governor who thundered into office on a MORALITY pony!


  13. Butthurt sore loser Democrats be scammin'

    it's what they do

  14. Prediction-: Too many leaks by Greitens.
    Gag order coming.
    Uh oh: For a man who didn’t want to taint the jury... he is tainting.
    Hope the Confide gig clears everything up.

  15. Showdown in the Show Me4/10/18, 2:38 PM

    ^ Prediction: Too many losers and liars on the accuser's and prosecutor's side.
    Too late, gag orders can't delete the dumb "dream" story.
    Uh oh: For the FBI taking on investigation of Kim Gardner, who dissed her local detectives and is paying very bigly with StL taxpayers' money to that bigamist Magnum PI guy, and some other case where she's possibly in on some funny money bribe type mess is brewing up a steamy pile of deep WHO'S GONNA DO THE PERP WALK, NEXT?

  16. Wow... Gag order issues and Greitens is mad.
    Tomorrow we will see onlybthe beginning of what dark money is capable of... what Greitens said he would work against.
    The same energy that made him cheat causes him to use Confide.
    With several investigators conducting misc investigations- and Greitens not being able to function and fill vacancies...he should have plenty of time to think about where it all went wrong soon enough.
    I guess he is Missouri’s Rod Blagojevich.

  17. Save a little anger for RINO Josh Hawley who is also investigating the Governor and issuing subpoenas. He's out to sink Greitens.

    Or will the mindless Swamp enablers reward his backstabbing and make him MO Senator for the next 6 years?

    Courtland 2018!

  18. So the victim only remembers it like a dream?

    Sounds like Greitens drugged her up too.


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