Show-Me Waiting Game For Testimony In Missouri Guv Greitens Revenge Pr0n Case

A look at legal strategy that draws even more attention to an admitted affair and allegations of nasty partially nude photos ALLEGEDLY connected to the Guv. Read more:

Greitens' attorneys want lawmakers to delay their probe of affair

JEFFERSON CITY * With a weekend deadline looming for a special legislative committee to finish its probe of Gov. Eric Greitens, attorneys for the embattled governor are asking the panel to delay the release of its findings.


  1. Isn't it interesting that Greiten's Lawyers want the findings of this Republican dominated Committee delayed so they won't "prejudice the potential Jurors" in his upcoming Criminal Trial?

    Sounds either like there has been a "leak" and they already know what the Committee's findings are, or else they're scared sh**less about what the Committee's investigation might turn up.

    Awful lot of smoke if there really isn't any "fire" there!

  2. Can't read the story, Tony--it's a subscription hustle. Wo could you quote a bit, please?

    Governor Duct Tape probably wishes he had been nicer to those same state legislators who control release of the report. Too late. Bring it on.

  3. This whole episode is nothing but people who could not win at the ballot box trying to overturn an election via a Lavrentii Beria Show Trial. 7:42 Next thing, you'll be telling us is good ole Robert Mueller is on to something now and DJT will be gone any day now.

  4. 8:15 Correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Per 8:15- if that’s true why is his agenda being dropped by both parties?
    Why are 3 separate investigations happening by different entities?
    Why the clown call from his side and he is 0-3 on judicial decisions?
    Either way Missouri looks bad nationally.

  6. 3:07 For the most part it's called CRONY CAPITALISM. Oh ye of short memory. Remember Bobby Griffin? Shaky Tom Eagleton? The time Missouri sent a dead man's widow, not on the ballot, to the US senate? The Ferguson Riots when Jeremiah Nixon was governor? As to judicial decisions why do you think it's called a Show Trial?

  7. 3:07 is wrong... He is not 0-3.
    He is 0-4... his own party guy just said NO to waiting to make a decision.
    Too bad the Mo gov was not nice to people who are now ignoring his agenda and restoring dumb cuts he made.
    Call it Karma. Ain’t it a bitch Gov. Ducktape?

  8. Show Trial?
    That’s funny.

  9. 6:47 Proving the point CRONY CAPITALISM! So 3:07, looking bad nationally, whatever the hell that means, it's a lock you'll be voting to replace that embarrassment mccaskill?

  10. Greitens is Missouri’s Rod Blagojevich

  11. My governor can bang anybody he wants!


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