Monday, April 23, 2018

Show-Me Missouri Democratic Party Prepared To Sacrifice Racist Talk Show Connections

More deets on this politico getting called out by his colleagues on his media desperation . . . Take a look:

Rep. Bob Burns won't resign, despite calls from Democratic leadership to step down

"I have no intentions of resigning," said Representative Bob Burns, an Affton, Mo. Democrat. in the wake of resignation calls by the House Minority Leader, house and senate members, U-S Senator Claire McCaskill and State Auditor Nicole Galloway. They all showed concern with Burns calling into a radio show they say is known for its sexist and racist views.


Anonymous said...

That bitch who said she hoped Trump would be assassinated never resigned.

So why should Burns?

Anonymous said...


Because I said so said...

This Democrat scumbag needs to step down.

Let's start with him and work backwards

+100K on my own post to save me time!

Anonymous said...

These are the same bottom feeding scumbags that are running false flags against the governor.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats need to cut this guy loss.

Let the GOP be the Greedy Old Perverts.

Anonymous said...

Democratic "leaders"?

Anonymous said...

These are the same dipshits that started the kkk, when will you people learn! Hahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

He'll go when Greitens goes.