Show-Me Mexican Tough Talk Amid 'Revenge Pr0n' Scandal For Missouri Guv Greitens

The embattled politico is going into attack mode on all fronts and here's his culture war contribution today . . . Read more: Missouri governor willing to send troops to border


  1. So fucking stupid. The only people with authority to arrest anyone is the Border Patrol. All anyone else can do is call the Border Patrol and tell them where they see people. Don't need the National Guard for that.

  2. He can take that little gun he shot off and that big weapon he used in his campaign adds.

  3. Will the honorable Gov. send them with Ductape to help with handcuffs?
    Will he show them a proper push-up?
    What a clown!

  4. It's a great place to train national guard along the border and the National Guard will call the border patrol. Come through the border crossings. The doors will be open if you have a Visa. They don't expect MASTER CARD. .

  5. You’re governer is an idiot!
    Trump doesn’t need his help.
    He is scared of the media to take a question.

  6. Another investigation will maybe happen- he hired an attorney with tax payer money.
    He is going to have a bad week next weeks d be impeached.
    Will be NBA NFL broke soon

  7. 5:04 Another KCPS grad. "expect" accept

  8. Republicans for Martial Law!

    Yea Fascists!

    Fuck the constitution.

  9. Duct Tape wanted to lead the Troops himself, but he's suddenly developed a bad-assed case of, ummm... "Bone Spurs".

  10. Yeah, "Bone Spurs" have suddenly become an epidemic among Republicans!

  11. Have to wonder who is driving Greitens Clown Car.
    He has lost all credibility among his own party.
    Now he thinks someone paid his hairdresser to tell on him- to talk about how the married governor had his way with her despite running as a moral ex-democrat-turned-republican.
    The biggest laugh America got was his legal strategy of buying $50k ads to attack the other side while begging to not let the impeachment people not disclose their findings before his trial so the potential jurors won’t be influenced. LOL- the clown!
    The clown driving the Greitens train wreck.... has to be the man in the mirror at the mansion in Jeff City.
    Whenever you need a hearty laugh- just google Greitens and hit the news button... free entertainment.

  12. Here is why Greitens could face some serious jail time:


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