Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Show-Me Medical Weed Making Missouri Progress Amid Last Days of Lost Drug War

The effort to restrict cannabis has been a complete failure and probably just another excuse to persecute the growing number of po'folk. In the meantime, the medical version of the substance has the potential to help those in suffering . . . To deny locals legal access is nothing more than vindictive given that it's widely available and now pretty much openly smoked by most hipsters. Read more:

Medical marijuana for terminally ill, some illnessses wins an early victory in Missouri House

JEFFERSON CITY * The Missouri House on Monday endorsed a proposal allowing patients with long-term illnesses to access medical marijuana. The original measure only applied to people with terminal illnesses, but the major point of debate Monday was whether to cover patients suffering from illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder and epilepsy.


Anonymous said...

I started smoking marijuana for the euphoria, but soon realized that it was helping my anxiety disorder. I recently tried the medical marijuana with the THC removed (.01% remains), & though I didn't get "high", it did give me the relief that I had come to depend on. I would rather have the THC, but if I can legally smoke the other, than I will, because it's legal, & therefore less of a hassle.

At this point, marijuana is illegal for no good reason.

Anonymous said...

Missouri is failing its citizens on this issue. Vote accordingly.

Anonymous said...

You smoke enough green bud you'll swear John Ashcroft got Black Water kicking in your doors.