Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Navy SEAL and current Sancho Missouri Guv Eric Greitens once wrote an inspiring book on the subject of resilience . . . And that might explain his current stubbornness/fortitude in the face of just about everybody who matters (other than Internet trolls) calling for his resignation.

Today's litany of news on the topic from both sides. . .

The Other Felony Considered

Legal experts: Greitens not entitled to charity donor list

While building a national nonprofit for military veterans, former Navy SEAL officer Eric Greitens solicited millions of dollars from hundreds of wealthy individuals, corporations and foundations. While later launching a Missouri gubernatorial campaign, Greitens again raised millions from many of those same donors.

Putting The Prosecution On Trial

Second deposition of Greitens' investigator set Thursday; Gov's attorney says Tisaby lied and Gardner encouraged lies

ST. LOUIS - Governor Eric Greitens alleges in a motion to dismiss a felony charge of privacy invasion that investigator William Tisaby committed perjury and circuit attorney Kim Gardner suborned it. On April 20, Greitens' defense counsel James Martin wrote that Tisaby boldly and continually lied under oath in a deposition and concealed his notes and draft reports.

Po-Po Leaders Play Favorites Whilst Many Officers Object To Political Gambit

Could-Be Felon Gives Keynote Speech at Law Enforcement Prayer Breakfast

click to enlarge Despite misgivings from some of the region's law enforcement officials, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens delivered the keynote address this morning at the St. Louis Area Police Chiefs Association prayer breakfast, a somber annual event dedicated to memorializing officers slain in the line of duty.

Understatement Amid EPIC PR Attacks

Editorial: Prosecution in Greitens case not exactly a well-oiled machine

Greitens' all-star cast of lawyers is papering the courthouse with motions. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and her team are fumbling and bumbling. The defense says the prosecution is so compromised that a special prosecutor should be appointed to handle a second case against the governor for misusing a charity's donor list.

Old School Danforth & Bond Remain Silent

On Greitens, Missouri's senior GOP figures remain silent

Missouri's most senior former Republican statewide officials have been silent on the scandals surrounding GOP Gov. Eric Greitens and intend to remain so, including former U.S. Sen. Jack Danforth, often praised as the party's paragon of virtue and a vocal advocate of clean politics. Danforth's silence is due to his connections to Greitens' defense team.

Developing . . .


Roy $$$$...Blount said...

Nobody should be surprised that Roy "Dense as a " Blount would remain silent. "Dense as a" Blount is only about the money he can fuck the taxpayers of Missouri with help from his wife and son.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It MEANS... they know who did it!

Fucking fucking shit!

This is crrraaazzzzyyyyyyyy.

Anonymous said...

Bastard is a French word.

Anonymous said...

The St. Louis bitch is going down!

Bunch of freaks and clowns down there! Lmao!

Anonymous said...

The lynch mob is being ran by black liberals, none can tie a decent knot and all what individual credit if they do.

Anonymous said...

This thread has been heavily redacted.

JJ said...

I think Tony deleted some of spam about the serial killer in California.

As for the Guv. I think he deserves his day in court. I think a lot of people will be surprised when he is found not guilty.

Anonymous said...

If he is found "Not Guilty" and is cleared of all charges, and has his "honor" and "Reputation" fully restored, will the lying rapist thief Finally resign and leave this State?

If he promised to do so, we should declare him "innocent of all charges" today! It would sure as hell be worth it!

Anonymous said...

Tony, Bond is long dead.

Anonymous said...

So the ditsy hair dresser willingly went to his basement for sex alledgly was tied and abused and then willingly went back later that day and again days later for more?

This is such a hit job on the Governor!!


A former FBI turned prevaricator private eye guy and girl power prosecutor have that Crimmie Jimmie slightly queasy feeling. Their shifty shenanigans have colored the cause for justice so darkly. Uh huh, that's a hint right there. Black pandering and privilege is so obvious. Too many lucky breaks were afforded the two in this case, and this should have never been filed. Black Lies Matter, apparently.

If there is a scrap of justice for the governor, this clown show will get tossed. Tisaby and Gardner should be sanctioned more severely than the wrist slaps they got away with so far. Perjury, obstruction, witness tampering, and more for the unethical pair.