Thursday, April 26, 2018

Show-Me Campaign Cursing Disappointment

Ad review of this teaser from AG Hawley that may or may not power his Senate victory . . . The blogger doesn't see much to it but recent headlines back it up . . .

Missourinet -- McCaskill: Russia likely affected all 50 U.S. states in 2016 elections

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Hawley campaign video doesn't deliver what it promises- McCaskill talking about the f-----g Russians

I was never under the impression that Sen. Claire McCaskill did not occasionally use profane language, but when I saw that Attorney General Josh Hawley's Senate campaign team was touting a video that had McCaskill blaming Hillary Clinton's loss on the f-----g Russians, I had to check it out.


Diogenes Jr. said...

"The 25 second YouTube video doesn't deliver what it promises..."
Is there anyone left who thinks Hawley does?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ANYBODY but Claire!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hawley is going after Gov Dicktape (Greitens) with a he should.
Greitens’ PR lawyers are giving prosecutors and the impeachment team “locker room “ material with almost every tweet and noise they make.
Now with more people helping the committee who are as pissed off as a fly on a toilet seat- Gretens will suffer the same me-too fate as Cosby.
If Greitens’ lawyers think Hawley is going away.. then they should be at heaven’s gate when Greiten’s dies in prison because they will find ol’ Gov Sucktape no where near the Pearly gates.
Still can’t believe cops let the almost- impeached gov. leading a prayer breakfast- that’s like letting Lucifer direct a 10 Commandments movie.

Anonymous said...

Deep breaths 4:41.... You need help.

Hillary lost big time, get over it.