Monday, April 23, 2018

Scouting All The Kansas City News Links

Round-up of all the worthwhile stories worth sharing tonight . . .

Kansas City Hipster Soup Line Coming Soon

Big food hall concept Parlor KC plans fall opening in Crossroads

Parlor KC, a collaborative food hall now under construction in the Crossroads Arts District, hopes to serve as a laboratory and incubation hub for area chefs and restaurateurs. Eyeing a fall opening in the east Crossroads, Parlor will offer chefs and restaurateurs a physical space to test dishes and concepts on diners that want variety and new experiences, said founder Davis Engle.

Spy Tech Powers The Economy

KC Fed researchers say nighttime satellite images can predict GDP - Kansas City Business Journal

Satellite images of cities at night can be an important tool for a different kind of researchers - economists. Studying nighttime satellite images could help economists devise better and more timely forecasts of U.S. export growth, according to an economist and researcher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Fixing Kansas Schools???

Kansas Looks To Fill Child Protection Jobs With Looser Requirements, Higher Staff Salaries

The Kansas Department for Children and Families is opening up child protection services jobs to people who aren't licensed social workers. It's child protection workers who investigate reports of possible child abuse or neglect and make recommendations about whether or not children should be removed from their homes.

The Sound Of Non-Binding Legislation

City proposes resolution to correct American Jazz Museum's 'mistakes and missteps'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A consulting group's strong words about the American Jazz Museum prompted the city to look at resolutions to that would give the museum time to respond to more than two dozen recommendations. Wednesday, Kansas City's Finance and Governance Committee will discuss two resolutions regarding the museum and its plans to handle recommendations.

More Deets On KCI Training Day

Crews train at KCI to prepare for worst case scenario with plane fires

If something goes wrong on a flight, first responders must be prepared to handle anything - including a fire on a plane.

For Home Team Fatties

Check out the top 5 PiKCs for food at Kauffman Stadium

Kansas City is a foodie's paradise. But for meals fit for a Royal... look no further than Kauffman Stadium. With gourmet choices on the menu - you might just find yourself heading to The K for more than just the baseball. We'll start with the one thing EVERY baseball game needs - hot dogs.

The Kansas City Hipster Agenda

The Parkville Microbrew Festival, Comida KC, and more: KC's food and drink events for April 23-29

Courtesy Cupini's Monday, April 23 To celebrate its 15th anniversary at 1809 Westport Road, Cupini's is offering an "Everything is $5" special. The Italian market and restaurant insists that everything really is $5 - from cake to pasta specials - so it may prove well worth a Monday visit.

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Anonymous said...

The people running the ajm are a joke, the museum is a joke, Cheptoo is the biggest joke of all

Anonymous said...

^^You're such a jokester.

Anonymous said...

Step ONE, which requires neither an advanced degree from the Harvard Business School, nor a $250,000 consulting contract.
If the person "managing" an operation doesn't have the common sense not to release $140,000 worth of checks to vendors, suppliers, and performers without sufficient funds in the bank to cover them...
FIRE her the next day.
In this case, the next day was a year ago.
So today would seem to be the time.

Anonymous said...

6:31 that would be deemed racist

Anonymous said...

^^^You would be deemed retarded.

Anonymous said...

"The Kansas Department for Children and Families is opening up child protection services jobs to people who aren't licensed social workers." If a person who is not licensed can do the job, a license is irrelevant at best.

Anonymous said...

As the in-district councilmembers for the tax payer subsidized AJM, Jermaine and Quinton should be made to answer for this as well!! In reality I know the answer to my own point... Jermaine isn’t smart enough and Quinton just doesn’t care.