Real Life Pix On Display In Kansas City

The Picasso exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum ends today. In addition to the widely celebrated show featuring a creative icon there are also some great photos, including local images, of real people captured by a skilled photog with an incredible talent for making the world of the plebs seem every bit as important as the musings of masters.

Read more from a far better review:

Eugene Richards: The Run-On of Time: Too Rough for a Museum?

When we first enter the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art's retrospective of 146 photographs called "Eugene Richards: The Run-On of Time," it is through the eyes of a 25-year-old VISTA worker who put no distance between himself and the "few comforts or surprises" of the people of the Arkansas Delta.


  1. Is it just me or is someone missing half their head in one of those pics?

  2. He seems like a good photographer from what i can tell.

  3. Giant close ups of ugly people, oh boy !


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