Prez Trump Trade War Hurts Kansas City Biz

There are problems with piggie products according to this Kansas City report and recent market volatility . . . Maybe a small price to pay or a sign of future economic challenges. Checkit:

Chinese retaliation with pork tariffs hits home in Kansas City - Kansas City Business Journal

Processed foods like pork products are the third-largest export for the Kansas City area and China is the area's third-largest export partner, so the recent announcement of China implementing a 25 percent pork tariff is bad news for the Kansas City area.


  1. America is the biggest, by far, consumer of goods on the planet.

    No doubt, the tariffs on pork hurt, but it is way, way past time for a trade war. 800 Billion a year in deficits for us, big economic help for everyone else.

    Your neighbors (Fuck Wall Street and fuck Dems and Republicans who make bank off of displaced middle class workers who now struggle with entry level jobs, because industrial work has been sent overseas.) need work.

    Don't gimme a bunch of fuckin shit about "retraining" and adjusting to "Global Market Pressures". What the fuck happened to Democrats, who used to be pro union, pro middle class? They sold you white/black boys out.

    Talk is fuckin cheap. When we grew up, our fathers had work that provided a decent living and a chance to succeed by way of sweat and labor in decent jobs that paid a decent living. Now, not only does the white and black middle class suck eggs (Unless they have a trade.), they are killing themselves with drugs, booze and indolence provided by our
    "leaders" in Washington DC.

    Again, talk is cheap, we all see, again and again, that not only are regular jobs in manufacturing leaving compared to decades ago, we see that entry level jobs for ANYONE OF ANY COLOR are taken by illegal immigrants.

    Look, I luv me some Mexicans, but this shit is about people who are here and are now on the downside of advantage, because of the idiotic policies of Democrat and Republican politicians who could give a fuck about your house payment, or, if your car is about to be repossessed.

    God Bless Donald Trump. The guy goes to work, every fuckin day in a city filled with people that hate him and want him dead, but he doin what he can, to bring back work for those folks who want it.

    The short term pain we will feel when tariffs are enacted, is the first salvo in the war to think of "America First" and return our neighbors, relatives and family to jobs where they can support their families.

    Will we pay more for TVs. YES. More for food? Yes. But, in short order, a couple of years, we, as the largest consumer of goods in the world, will bend foreign counties to our will and inject, at least a little bit of long lost Mercantilism to our country.

    It's time to STOP paying for China's entire Military ramp up.

  2. It was a cheap shot to use Arnold Ziffel's photo like that.

    And if you're looking for a stunt pig, we don't rent them.

  3. Chuck, like Trump, you are stuck in the 1950's.

    Prices will go up, but wages will not.

    American workers have already priced themselves out of the global market.

    The industrial revolution is over.

  4. "The industrial revolution is over."

    So, the literally millions of folks on Government Assistance shouldn't get a chance to work?

    Government Assistance is higher pay than jobs in a factory?

    7:27 God Bless ya for a Lonesome Dove reference!

  5. I read this morning that of the total pork exports from the US, China accounts for 17%. Not really that much. And of that, the majority of the pork is shipped in the form of 'products' - snouts, tails, feet, that are marketed in China and not prime cuts or bacon. Just an FYI.

  6. addendum to fyi...4/2/18, 10:07 PM

    .... the Chinese up here in north coast California routinely go into the hills and decimate the local wildlife literally killing any thing that moves to send odd animal parts back to the homeland. One local worker said the game warden stopped a couple Chinese with 93 different species in their truck. Unbelievable that a society that depends on stellar blue jay kidneys has a finger on nukes. We all must make a small sacrifice to get this country in the right direction, and despite a POTUS that gets attacked from every way possible, still works harder for you and me than I could have ever imagined. I thank god every day that “she” did not win. Keep up the good work Mr. President.

  7. 8:48 Sad sad sad 10:07 x 1,000,000,000.00

  8. The US foreign trade deficit is not $800 billion annually.

    Trump cherry picks that figure to isolate specific manufacturing goods and inflate the actual debt number.

    It excludes all the services the US exports where the US has a surplus.

    It's difficult to take a debate seriously when the original premise and numbers are purposely misstated.

    However, there appears to be agreement that Trump is making the problem worse. He has to wreck agreements, hurt businesses, crash your 401K, and drive prices up to "save" the US.

    Destroying something to "save" it is a terrible defense.

    Watching TV and tweeting all day is no way to run a country. Defending that as great leadership is not a strong position either.

    President STD is really doing a number on the GOP. The biggest problem is it never really goes away. Hope your fling was worth it.

  9. The trade deficit was $504 billion in 2016. That's net of $2.2 trillion exported and $2.7 trillion imported.

    It increased to $568 billion during 2017. Trump has made it worse during his first year.

    Specifically, the US has lost significant tourist dollars which increased the overall trade debt as foreigners have scaled back trips to the US after Trump's electoral win, his antagonistic rhetoric aimed at other countries, and increased hurdles to getting visas. Foreign business have also scaled back travel to the US.

    The Trump trolls may cheer his mean tweets, but they are not just words. They have a real monetary impact. His tweets and tariffs also put a lot of uncertainty in the stock market, which is also terrible for business.

    Monday's market moves were the worst start of a 2nd quarter since the great depression. Glad the White House is in "tippy top" shape (direct quote from today's Easter egg roll). That "stable genius" is well on his way to wreaking our economy.

    Monthly / annual numbers are here:

  10. I thought that was a picture of Jolie Justus. My bad.


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