Friday, April 27, 2018

Paul Davis Downplays Democratic Party

An empty suit in Kansas is running on his personality (heh) and attempting to lure Republican voters to support his Congressional bid by playing to the middle. It's a strategy that almost never works but something that keeps middle-of-the-road GOP voters quiet. Take a look:

Kansas candidate highlights push for Trump voters - Reuters TV

Paul Davis is running for Congress in Kansas's 2nd district, where he'll need the rural, white voters who elected President Trump in order to win his race.


Anonymous said...

The same guy who ran against Yoder?
Did he move?

Anonymous said...

No, 9:28, Paul Davis ran against Brownback.

He's a lawyer, the one who accepted a lap dance from one of his clients in Lawrence.

When Dems run guys like Davis, that's how people end up electing Republicans!

Bob said...

Yeah I remember the Lap Dance thing. Avoid this guy like the plague because like Weinstein he assaults women.
Oh, he's a democrat? Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Stupid fucking Kansans will vote for the guy with an R behind his name regardless of how terrible he is.

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd, a lap dance!??!?!

It's not like he's fucking porn stars, beating women, or molesting underage teens.

The Davis accusation doesn't even rate a "PG" in the Greedy Old Perverts "XXX" world.

Go sell your fake morality and outrage elsewhere.