Sunday, April 15, 2018

Newsflash: Kansas City Star Reports That Dealing In Drugs Is Dangerous

And here's why the newspaper is going broke even more quickly than a blogger . . . A Northland drug deal gone wrong LAST year highlights a think piece attempting to highlight the dangers of the weed trade . . . Meanwhile, cheap marijuana is so prevalent among locals that it's smoked openly outside of most decent local bars.

Check reporting than your grandma finds captivating . . .

'Drug rips' are moving into Kansas City's suburbs with violent consequences

On the street, they call them "drug rips" -- robbing your drug dealer. Many of these so-called drug-rip shootings involve teenagers and marijuana. And they are spreading to suburbia.


Anonymous said...

Kids don't understand business, it's basic supply and demand. If you kill the golden goose (their own supply of marijuana) then there is no supply to fill your demand. Problem solved as these idiots have just created their very own rehab program. And then the war on drugs is over.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and the star is just now figuring this out? Did they lose their rose colored glasses and finally see what the blacks are capable of? Naw, I must be dreaming this stuff up

Anonymous said...

Weed has never been cheaper or easier to get in ole KC since Colorado legalized it. When in Kansas and Missouri gonna wake up and smell the tax revenue instead of a tax money drain ?

Anonymous said...

Star represents journalism cutting edge! Columnists just too clever for me to comprehend.

That's why I dropped my subscription 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I walked our neighborhood this morning for a good mile up and down.
100 houses?
Two KC Star papers in the driveway. I looked hard to see if snow was disturbed as it would have meant it was picked up early.
Not sure how they count their circulation.
Since Sly is good at counting deficits, maybe he can go around and help count Sunday papers and do an informal audit.
Make sure if he is giving away the farm tonthem at least make sure their Sunday numbers are accurate.

Anonymous said...

Hoopz will complain that black drug dealers are being robbed at a higher rate than white ones. More blatant racism.

Dirty Mary will op-ed that drugs, robberies and drug robberies are bad.

Kraske will call for the renaming of everything Pendergast since he was bootlegger; the forerunner of today's drug dealers.

Like the gentleman said. Cutting edge journalism.

Anonymous said...

This was a throwaway story, all newspapers have them.

And it's true. Dealing drugs isn't great for anybody . Deal with it!

Anonymous said...

12:34 throw away the worthless reporters, the star doesn’t have one good one in the bunch, matter of fact, all of them combined doesn’t add up to one decent reporter. The star needs to die and go away for ever.