Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Newsflash: Kansas City FAILS To Fix Potholes

In this scintillating screed the newspaper catches up to a longstanding TKC BLOG COMMUNITY COMPLAINT and one of the defining characteristics of the tenure of Mayor Sly James. Read more:

KC didn't vote for more potholes last year. City Hall shouldn't just change the rules

The Kansas City Council is poised to make a serious error Thursday - one that could mean more potholes and dangerous roads in the community. The issue involves the way the city rates the overall condition of its streets. Under current policy, the city judges its streets using a zero-to-100 scale - the higher the number, the better.


Simon & Simon said...

More PROOF that KCMO Mayor Sly Lyin' James kied to STEAL more of your TAX Dollars !!!! $$$$$$$

SLY JAMES needs to be immediately removed from office, arrested and indicted and givin a 25 year prison sentence for embezzlement of Public Funds !!!! Tax Dollars .

FBI and MBI / Missouri Bureau of investigation, where are you ????

along with Justice Dept. officials .

KCMO has a Corrupt Rogue Fraudulent Mayor crook stealing Public Tax Dollars for personal gain , which is illegal !!

lets NOT forget former KCMO Councul woman "Carol Coe" who got into trouble back in the early 1990's !!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, just unbelievable

Anonymous said...

Sly Pothole James. Leader of "Magic Tax Dollar and Rims Club".

Unknown said...

Another Democratic City, takes in lots of money doesn't know where it goes

Anonymous said...

Awesome news as this will provide more places for the Parks and Rec department to plant flowers.

Anonymous said...

"One way to avoid both problems is to actually fix the streets. At City Hall, though, there’s another answer: Lower the target from 60 to 40.

A rating of 40 is considered “poor” — and 39 is “very poor.” By one standard, a 40 rating for residential streets suggests the need for immediate repairs."

The people of KCMO should lower the city government to a rating of 39.

Ooops sorry it is already below that.