Local MLK & John Brown Tribute Celebrates Contradictions OR Forgets History

One dude was a man of peace and the other is famous among baskeball fans for a fiery border war . . . Here's a round-up of a recent even that didn't seem to mind at least one bit of disparity:

Hundreds gather to honor Martin Luther King at John Brown monument in KCK

That same monument was vandalized two weeks ago.


  1. I’m offended at this whole thing, I want that murdering bastards statue torn down! NOW NOW NOW!

  2. Wait. What? They gathered at the John Brown memorial? Seriously? The Abolishinist who killed five pro slavery men at Pottawatamie, KS in 1856? That John Brown? The John Brown who led raid after raid against pro-slavery forces along the pre Civil War Missouri-Kansas border? That John Brown? The Harper's Ferry raid? That very violent John Brown? The hypocracy here is just frightening. Absolutely frightening. My Dad had a quote for this. There is nothing so frightening as ignorance in action.

  3. John Brown was a murdering thug.

    So of course they love him!

  4. I have an opinion dammit! I think I'm funny!

  5. Mob mentality is what this nation has become.

    thanks Obama.

  6. You know what... The real story is western uni a 100 plus all ameriafro university where that statue is... Lays in shambles and had lain in shambles for countless years.

  7. You know what....worthless people have worthless opinions and TKC is full of worthless people like you.


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