Kansas SecState Kris Kobach On The Hunt

Call it a gun-rights play or possibly just a pet cause and more wild times as the leading right-wing candidate for Sunflower State Governor. Checkit:

Update: Kobach helps start Hunter Nation Inc.

Secretary of State and gubernatorial hopeful Kris Kobach recently helped launch a new not-for-profit, Hunter Nation Inc., to promote hunting and to inform the public about legislation or leaders that either promote or impede hunting.It will be national in its scope, according to Kobach.


  1. I wonder if he belongs to the NRA?

  2. The guy is over compensating so bad. Only a matter of time until has busted having some gay sex.

  3. 7:42, He'd be one a very many practicing and retired judges and attorneys, if he's a member. There's lots of active duty and veteran military members, along with their families maintaining membership. Protection and security personnel of various government and private agencies make up much of the roster for NRA memberships. Increasingly, women and non-whites are joining. All of the above classifications of persons make up a larger percentage of hunters represented by dues paid NRA subscribers, the rest are personal protection, sports shooters, and collectors, or combinations thereof.

    There are studies showing over 42% of U.S. adults as legal gun owners. The estimates for total guns owned vary widely. Antiques, disrepaired, unregistered, illegally possessed, stolen, and lost firearms make up some likely unknowns in the data. The vast majority of legal gun owners do not pose threats to shooting anyone. Mental health help is urgent, and monitoring of goofs giving social media and other signals of menacing behaviors. By the way, where are the rest of those Fast and Furious firearms? Hmmmmmm...

  4. The NRA would welcome a patriot like Kris Kobach.

  5. Diogenes Jr.4/8/18, 9:16 AM

    Kobach is trying to distance himself from the NRA, the scandal regarding how much Russian Money was poured into LaPierre's hands during the 2016 Presidential Campaign to fund their Trump advertising is just about to bust wide open.


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