Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kansas SecState Kobach Blame Game Busted

Call it trickle-down leadership OR calling out local bureaucracy. Here's the newsie hot take: "The Topeka Capital-Journal’s Fact Meter finds this statement to be false. Testimony from Kobach’s elections director, Bryan Caskey, makes it clear the office didn’t attempt to comply with the postcards order until after the contempt hearing."

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Fact Meter: Kobach falsely blames Kansas counties for his contempt finding

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says a federal judge's contempt of court finding against his office is "ridiculous" and blames county-level operations for their failure to follow instructions.But in breaking his silence on the topic, Kobach fails to mention his own shortcomings.U.S.


Anonymous said...

You could just stop at "Kobach falsely blames (fill in the blank)."

Anonymous said...

Just a taste of what's coming after you elect him Governor, Johnson County.

Anonymous said...

Kobach by 8.

Anonymous said...

^^God I hope so! The destruction of Kansas will be complete if he wins, plus it will take the national spotlight of embarrassment off the state of Missouri and put it back where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:42, you misspelled "Kobach Bites It"!

Anonymous said...

He's a right wing nut job.

He'll represent Kansas well.