Kansas 'Religious Exemption' Amendment Excludes LGBT Parents From Adoption

Here's a look at how Kansas gets around the law of the land . . . "An amendment adds in religious exemptions for child placement agencies. Those private agencies currently can choose not to serve some people, such as single parents or same-sex couples. The bill would protect that ability even if Kansas policies change. It also prohibits the state from denying those agencies state grants and contracts because of their religious objections."

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Kansas Adoption Update Snagged Over Which Parents Agencies Can Exclude

A bill to update state adoption law was sailing through the legislature. Until it wasn't. It's been gummed up because of a faith-based protection provision that would allow adoption agencies to receive state funding while turning away prospective parents who don't fit with an organization's religious beliefs.


  1. Because Jesus hates everyone.

  2. the most recent preventable tragedy4/9/18, 11:23 PM

    Thelma & Louise here on the north coast seemed like stable foster parents with their 6 children......... oh, wait....


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