Monday, April 16, 2018

Kansas Gubernatorial Competition Rejects SecState Kobach Culture War Campaign

Kris Kobach is right . . . Far right and most of his opponents are exploiting his divisive reputation that's backed up with a record of losing court battles and a bland personality that isn't nearly as fun as Prez Trump.

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Kansas governor candidates dismiss Kobach's 'polarizing' immigration rhetoric

Kris Kobach describes Kansas as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, encourages police to detain aliens from high-risk areas and promises to make the state less inviting if elected governor.Other candidates in a crowded field see higher priorities than immigration and complain about his divisive rhetoric.Kobach's recent remarks, which include references to protecting American families and respecting the rule of law, follow the secretary of state's years of defending controversial laws he says


Anonymous said...

His unpopularity has gotten so bad that he's only going to be chosen as the Republican Candidate by 82% and Governor by 8% of the votes!

Never underestimate the brand loyalty of Republican dirtflakes!

Anonymous said...

^^True dat! I can't wait until he's elected Governor. The state of Kansas deserves him to finish the job Scamin' Sammy started!

Anonymous said...

It is to Kobach's credit that he showed up at the debate prepared to actually debate and not just speechify. The other candidates who refused to respond to Kobach's points must have thought they were at a slumber party not a public debate.

Anonymous said...

Kansans have a bad habit of voting party line regardless of the idiots running. Wake up and think for yourself.