Kansas City Thursday Roundup News

First off, let's take note that sexy pix were instrumental is helping a hottie legend . . .

Page Six - Pamela Anderson: Playboy saved my life after sexual abuse

Accordingly, we take this inspiration and move forward by sharing more almost as interesting news closer to home. Checkit:

Kansas City Blight Fight Success???

Two years after start, KCMO says $1 home program paying off

Breaking News Kansas City, MO - City leaders are recognizing the two year milestone of the KCMO Land Bank's $1 Home Sale. The program is meant to encourage people to buy homes, rehab them and ultimately reinvest in neighborhoods.

Show-Me Weed Push Back

Missouri committee rejects medical marijuana bill

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A Missouri House committee has rejected a bill meant to give terminally ill patients access to medical marijuana. The Columbia Missourian reports that Republican Rep. Jim Neely's bill failed to make it out of the Legislative Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

Golden Ghetto Gun Pushback

Democratic candidate Brent Welder commends high schoolers' grassroots movement

Brent Welder, a Democratic candidate challenging incumbent House Representative Kevin Yoder, will attend a student-organized town hall on gun issues in Olathe Saturday.

American Royalty Local Conversation

Caroline Kennedy talks business leadership and meeting Ewing Kauffman - Kansas City Business Journal

Caroline Kennedy met Ewing Kauffman only briefly during an event in the early '90s, but his leadership and character immediately stood out. "He had on a flashy outfit, and he was a charismatic humanitarian," she said of the entrepreneur who founded Marion Labs and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Urban Core Lesson In Kindness
Alumni-led effort brings food pantry to Northeast High School
The KCMO Ethnic Weekend

Northland Ethnic Festival & Other Weekend Possibilities

The Guadalupe Center's Taco Dinner is back. Get four fried tacos and rice ($6) at the benefit for the center's recreation program. Dine at the center (1015 Avenida Cesar E. Chavez) or take dinner home. The world is your oyster or, in this case, your egg roll.

Celebrate Money Pit Accommodation

KC Zoo to host Autism Awareness Day for families on Sunday

The Kansas City Zoo will host a day at the zoo Sunday for families in the autism community. The zoo said there will be special activities in the Zoo Learning Center and lobby from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sensory-friendly animal encounters and shows, as well as hands-on tactile experiences, are also scheduled for guests.

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  1. One half finished house in two years! Set your sights pretty high there didn’t you sLIE, what a joke

  2. Obozo agenda strikes again4/5/18, 5:18 PM

    So basically, our public schools are homeless shelters now. How progressive!!!!

  3. Tunnel Vision Progressive4/5/18, 5:25 PM

    Brent Welder and all his liberals, Democrats or progressives or whatever you want to call them would have everyone believing that while writing the Constitution our forefathers agreed that the 1st and 4th amendments shall protect the digital technologies of the future including cell phones, email and other private messages conveyed by electronic means but the 2nd amendment shall only protect muskets.

  4. Mr. Welder needs to state that Funding Murder Inc., Planned Parenthood, is a waste of taxpayer money and he needs to start the ball rolling to get Murder Inc. off the taxpayer's dime.

  5. Amazing how quickly corporate giant YouTube announced that it would increase armed security at offices worldwide. If increasing armed security is YouTube’s answer to the shooting at its corporate headquarters then increased armed security should be the answer for protecting schools. Then again YouTube may have done this to protect its physical property and data.

  6. You can always find another vending business other than tabeling gun show's?

  7. Don't be stupid 5:25. We know the 2nd amendment doesn't just protect muskets.

    But we also know it only protects the rights of a "well regulated militia" to protect the "free state".

    The 2nd amendment is limited to protect the MILITIA, not citizens. It extends to the DEFENSE of the state, not hunting and sports.

  8. 7:11 Ok. Come get my weapons. Will you be at the front?

  9. Nobody is gunna take ma’ guns from me. Ya’ll hear me? I’m a gunna fuck ma guns till one of ya’ll take it out ma ass! Cum-n-got it!

  10. It's funny how angry these gun clingers get when confronted with the exact language of the 2nd amendment.

    You want the truth, but you can't handle the truth.

    The FBI will be watching for the mentally ill making threats and take their guns first. 8:39 and 9:18 look like decent candidates to start.

  11. 1:24 you really have to be the stupidest effing idiot on the planet earth, guns aren’t going anywhere.

    Where’s your outrage over the Iranian woman who shot those people at YouTube? Your not because it wasn’t a white person who did it, you people only hate white people with guns.

    Blacks murder more people every year but where is that anger? Your not because it’s white people you hate.

    “From my cold dead fingers bitch”

  12. Link is to a black dude at a City council meeting. Most would do good to listen. Perspicacious? He is. Reasonable? Yes. He states what most believe. I have guns, but don't harbor any thoughts that when 10 armed to the teeth fed agents come to take them I'm not going to have some sort of last stand at the OK corral shootout. I think most internet tough guys are the same way.


  13. Thanks for your outrage 3:45. All your examples help make my case that there are too many guns and too much gun related violence.

    Time for serious universal background checks to stop unqualified people from purchasing guns and bans to limit the types of guns available.

    Thank you.


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