Kansas City Thursday Morning Classic Advice

We start the morning news cycle with two important life lessons from one of our all-time favorite hotties . . .

Metro UK: Kelly Brook insists she’s ‘more than her boobs’

Daily Mail UK: Kelly Brook reveals she BANS boyfriends from speaking to their exes as she admits she 'went crazy' over a beau meeting his former flame

Closer to home, we're sharing these links with the inquiring minds of our blog community. Checkit:

Kansas City L33T Groceries Now Hiring

Brookside Whole Foods holds hiring event Thursday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The new Whole Foods in Brookside will open in late spring. On Thursday, the company is holding a job fair. If you drive near UMKC, chances are you have seen construction crews for a while. Brookside 51 is a new apartment building with a parking garage.

Speedy KCMO Bus Coming Soon
Northeast bus rapid transit line could be on the horizon
East Side Booze Fight Feature

At 18th and Vine, a tiny church tries to stem the flow of alcohol

Under city law, a church or school can veto the location of any business within 300 feet that sells alcohol. A proposed ordinance would eliminate that provision, and keep Grace Temple in the 18th and Vine district from exercising its long standing prerogative.

Classic Kansas City Drama

Theater review: KC Rep serves up a stupendous Sweeney Todd

Cory Weaver Crazy gets fleshed-out, in a rather spectacular fashion, in Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street , a provocative, absorbing, funny - dare I say ? - rendition of theatrical madness cooked up at Kansas City Repertory Theatre, through April 15.

What About These Dudes???

KCUR's Band Of The Week: The Project H

Though it's firmly rooted in jazz, The Project H also appeals to fans of rock and R&B. At the end of March, a flurry of sales briefly placed their new record, " Everyday, Forever" in the top ten of iTunes' jazz album chart; they celebrate its official release on Wednesday.

Friday Global Climate Change Snow???

First Alert: Warm Thursday, but snow is possible Friday

Where did Spring go???

Living Colour - Cult Of Personality is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Is the cleave using reed to do his dirty work? The cleave is finally realizing his billion dollar mistake isn’t going to work without alcohol and he being a rev can’t say it out loud but he has wanted booze down there for decades but doesn’t want the real preachers to know it, he is pushing this as well as gay sLIE

  2. Metcalf Whole Foods is closing, and moving to the edge of Ghetto U?
    That idea is WHOLLY CRAP!

    They're just capturing some KCMO Tax cash giveaways while they negotiate for a location on 135th Street in Kansas.
    Right now the State of Kansas is too broke to build them a building, but things will get better sometime, and they'll be able to move to new digs out where the important people live.
    They're probably going to be the next "savior of Prairie Fire"!

    Shrinkage at this UMKC location is going to be horrendous, but they've already written off their entire stock as paid for by the bucks they've received from KCMO City Hall anyway!

    This is just a temporary stop while they wait, surely nobody thinks they intend to operate in an area being overwhelmed by a tsunami of the "Dark Forces Of Evil"!

  3. New Black Max rapid transit from 27th prospect to the Plaza . Friday and Saturday nights only. Free pizza Free rides. No one over 18.

  4. Accidentally caught a Leezak forecast last night. He went on for the entire segment about 4 inches of snow just South of the metro. Then, in the last 30 seconds, puts up a graphic of a percent-chance table indicating the chance of 4 inches is <10%, with the chance of a light dusting at >80%. So, he built his entire forecast on a 10% chance because that was the most dramatic angle. What a joke.

  5. He's queer as a football bat. You were expecting something besides drama?

  6. You would think KC's finest blogger would know the difference between weather and climate.


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