Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kansas City Talks Prez Trump Syria Strike

Like it or not, most media and American voters have a lust for war and so any talk against the use of military force by an elected official is often overly cautious or outright supportive . . . Meanwhile the 20-year mark of U.S. forces in Afghanistan is growing closer.


Local politicians react to Trump's announcement of strikes on Syria

President Donald Trump announced on Friday night that the U.S., along with France and the United Kingdom, had launched strikes on Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack upon civilians by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It did not take long for local politicians to react.


Anonymous said...

“Is it too much to ask, in 2018, that we have a plan?" Cleaver said. "To ask, 'What is the objective?' To ask if it will be followed up with some kind of diplomacy?”
What was the objective of Cleaver defaulting on his car wash loan? Did he follow up with some kind of personal payment? Nope, he got the taxpayers to foot the bill.

"By phone, Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver said he’s not necessarily opposed to airstrikes, but that he’s upset this was a decision made without approval from Congress, who could vote based on specifics he hasn’t heard yet."

Did Cleaver ever publicly say the same thing about strikes ordered by Obama? Don't think so. Looks like he is just trying to get face time in the media.

Anonymous said...

Rev car wash has a short memory, his god Barry changed the rules for situations just like this one with the revs approval, why is it different now? Racist much car wash cleave

Anonymous said...

Impeach Beaver Cleaver!

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is such an embarrassment for this state no wonder the black communities are all in the shitter.

chuck said...

The devil is ice skating on glaciers in hell.

Cleaver is right.

These fuckin wars that everyone gets so chubby over, while pontificating from behind desks and in front of cameras are a fuckin disgrace.

Anyone who has seen the elephant knows the son of a bitch is fast, heavy unpredictable and deadly.

I believed those fuckin liars, Bush, Cheney and the whole group of neocons and liberals too, who told us about "Weapons Of Mass Destruction".


Normal white trash pukes like my family go to way and get our dicks shot off just like those 50,000 wounded we sent and are sending through Walter Reed and the 6,000 dead kids we sent home to their families in body bags.

From the piece of shit elite Duke of Sarajevo, which brought us the Treaty of Versailles, which took us to September of 1939 and December 7th 1941, to the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, not one, NOT ONE of these fuckin wars were worth one dead American kid. Now, that brain dead, whacked out, sword rattling, Walrus mustache fuckhead John Bolton is running the show in the White House.

He will fuck around and fuck around until he gets our children, once again, in harm's way, in search of some belligerently stupid, beleaguered fantasy that it is in our "National Interest" to address the "Clear and Present Danger" that now faces us, in Syria, in the person of some fuckin raghead in the back of a Toyota Truck with a 40 Cal.

The Byzantine, bizarre politics, culture and motivations of these whacked out Turks, Syrians, Iranians, "Rebel Groups", Kurds, Russians, fuck, it's the same old "Great Game" bullshit, that gets working class people killed while, their families, listen, in retrospect, to the very same Talking Heads who got us into the dragon's mouth, tell us, they knew it might be hot in there and warned us not to go.

Fuckin liars, every one of them.

Chemical weapons? Gimme a fuckin break, these fuckers kill 40 people every monday before lunch on a slow day. Don't bombs, bullets, mines etc etc give cause?

Bring our kids fukin home.

Trump said he would get us out of there, now, he is in the grip ofthe same Globalist filth who want open borders and no guns for us, but guns for them.

Bring our kids HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if before yesterday Rev. Cleavage could find Syria on a map.

Anonymous said...

When first contacted for his comments, Congressman Carwash expressed surprise that President Trump would want to bomb "the planet of Syria."

"We should leave those types of matters to the folks at NASA, and concentrate on real issues like paying reparations to all African-Americans in this country."

Anonymous said...

Poor 'ole Cleaver couldn't find Syria on a map if his life depended on it.
In Congress all these years and hasn't left so much as a fingerprint on public policy. In fact, most of the Dems in the House couldn't tell you much of anything about him.
Cleaver should stick to what little he's pretty good at...
Bringing home the federal bucks, distributing them to the usual suspects, and making millions simply disappear into thin air.

Anonymous said...

Pres should send missiles to 18th and Vine.

Gus said...

Trump should have para-dropped Cleaver, Jackson and Sharpton on Syria. That would have caused the Syrians more long-term misery than a few missiles ever could.

Anonymous said...

Now that’s funny right there!

Let’s make it happen!

By the way, let’s protest Syria for not having mlk blvd!

Anonymous said...

Rev car wash was in killa shitty preparing for a worthless march when he should have been back in Washington

Anonymous said...

Besides, if he was important enough somebody would have told him, but he’s not so they didn’t! Lmao!

Anonymous said...

His priorities are him and his people and those at 18th and vine

Anonymous said...

The law grew out of a decade of U.S. combat in Vietnam. It presumes to require that presidents get congressional approval for military combat operations if they last more than 60 days.

President Bill Clinton undertook a long series of air strikes in Kosovo and elsewhere, without any congressional authorization or pretense to getting it.

Look what I found rev car wash! Now shut the hell up

Anonymous said...

12:46 PM, Add Sleight of hand mayor James to your para-drop package.

Anonymous said...

Will Cleaver pay for the SBA loan out of his pension? Somebody ask .

Anonymous said...

Long story short Hillary and Barry did worse, story below if you want to read it.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified to Congress in March 2011 that the administration did not need congressional authorization for its military intervention in Libya or for further decisions about it, despite congressional objections from members of both parties that the administration was violating the War Powers Resolution.[10][11] During that classified briefing, she reportedly indicated that the administration would sidestep the Resolution's provision regarding a 60-day limit on unauthorized military actions.[12] Months later, she stated that, with respect to the military operation in Libya, the United States was still flying a quarter of the sorties, and the New York Times reported that, while many presidents had bypassed other sections of the War Powers Resolution, there was little precedent for exceeding the 60-day statutory limit on unauthorized military actions – a limit which the Justice Department had said in 1980 was constitutional.[13][14] The State Department publicly took the position in June 2011 that there was no "hostility" in Libya within the meaning of the War Powers Resolution, contrary to legal interpretations in 2011 by the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel.[15][16][17]

May 20, 2011, marked the 60th day of US combat in Libya (as part of the UN resolution) but the deadline arrived without President Obama seeking specific authorization from the US Congress.[18] President Obama notified Congress that no authorization was needed,[19] since the US leadership had been transferred to NATO,[20] and since US involvement was somewhat "limited". In fact, as of April 28, 2011, the US had conducted 75 percent of all aerial refueling sorties, supplied 70 percent of the operation's intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and contributed 24 percent of the total aircraft used in the operation.[21] By September, the US had conducted 26 percent of all military sorties, contributing more resources to Operation Unified Protector than any other NATO country.[22] The State Department requested (but never received) express congressional authorization.[16][23]

Anonymous said...

That's the dumbest[1][2] shit[3] I've [4][5] ever read.[6]

Anonymous said...

Sory, don’t wanna read it. Way, way too long.


^Looky, the same dummy posts twice within a minute! Sad. Plus, he has ADHD, dyslexia, and comprehension difficulties. He needs his buttboi to read loooong comments to him.

But, his one and only literate buttboi didn't show up for their BathHouse date today. He was feeling butt-hurt over losing his iPhone.