Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kansas City Sunday Morning News Look

Whilst we celebrate hottie Selita and her body of work, a trans model is making a play to become part of Victoria's Secret history.

Meanwhile, closer to home we're checking these local links. Take a peek:

East Side Deadly Shooting Not Homicide According To Police

Police conducting death investigation

KCPD is investigating a possible homicide that occurred Saturday evening at E. 59th St. and Ridgeway Ave.

More Deets On Woman Gunned Down

Sleeping woman shot, killed by stray bullet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A woman was shot and killed about 3:30 Saturday morning in the 6900 block of Paseo. Police responded to an ambulance call and discovered a woman shot. Kindrea Brown, 24 was found shot to death in her own bed.

Kansas City Good Life Scam

Former KC exec embezzled millions and bought a Caribbean beach house. He's going to prison

Douglas Lee Ferrell was sentenced Friday to prison for embezzling about $6.5 million from Scarbrough International, where he was the chief financial officer. His fraud led to layoffs, and he used some of the funds to buy a Caribbean beach house.

World At War According To Locals

Local refugee advocates react to military strike against Syria

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On Friday evening, President Donald Trump ordered a military attack against Syrian President Bashar Assad. In conjunction with British and French soldiers, the U.S. military carried out the strikes on three sites, a scientific research center near Damascus and two chemical weapons storage facilities near Homs.

New Kangaroo Legal Leader Contest

UMKC School of Law mulls over potential candidates for dean position

The candidate evaluations to choose the next dean for UMKC School of Law have come to close. Law professors turned in their personal evaluations during their week off for spring break. Now, the hiring committee just needs to make its final decision. School of Law Interim Dean Barbara Glesner-Fines delivered the last presentation.

Royals Winter Of Discontent

Angels win seventh in a row, beat Royals 5-3 in snow

KANSAS CITY - Even wintry weather couldn't cool off the streaking Los Angeles Angels. Mike Trout, Justin Upton and Luis Valbuena homered as the Angels won their seventh straight, beating the Kansas City Royals 5-3 Saturday night while playing the final innings in the snow.

Sporting KC Shuts Down Competition

Sporting KC carries 262-minute shutout streak into matchup with Sounders

The two-time defending Western Conference champions will face the team currently atop the Western Conference table as Seattle Sounders FC travels to Kansas City to meet Sporting Kansas City on Sunday at Children's Mercy Park. The Sounders represented the Western Conference in MLS Cup in 2016 and 2017, claiming the title in 2016.

MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Go to bed on a work night and wake up dead due to a stray bullet. Isn't Kansas City great?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can add her to the “Sly James historic homicide blvd” sign list

Anonymous said...

I saw the interview with the Syrian Refugee lady last night, she is an idiot and so is her husband. She fails to see that the attack is on the specific sites that house chemical weapons being used on Syrian citizens in Syria. The goal and objective is to get Assad to understand that the international community see's his attacks on his own people with these chemicals as war crimes and atrocities that will not be tolerated. If he wishes to remain in power (remain alive) then he needs to cease this behavior or it will be ceased for him.
She thinks if she teaches Syrian women to sew then they are not refugees, wrong they are still refugees but know how to sew is all.

Anonymous said...

Get your bullet proof siding nnooowwww !

Anonymous said...

UMKC is considering a Desi Arnaz clone for Law School Dean?

Didn't the University learn anything from the two Chinese Con Men who ripped off Henry Block for $35 million?

Go with an American, in fact go with the Interim Dean, she is a known quantity!

goodsense said...

9:13 AM I also saw that. Idiot libtards. Your comment plus 1000.