Kansas City: Smartest City On Earth???

Today's tech talk propaganda offers high praise for costly corporate partnership in the Downtown loop whilst the rest of this town falls into disrepair and violence. Read more:

How Kansas City (Mo.) Turns Big Data into Action

The Internet of Things and the rise of increasingly connected devices have many municipal officers eyeing how to best deploy new technology to improve the lives of residents. But tech deployment in service of smart city development relies on good use of data available to a city - data on the likes of infrastructure, crime and economics.


  1. How to rig a streetcar election. It's the Data stupid.

  2. Tech is very good at making dumb people feel smart.

    KCMO leadership is a perfect example.


  3. Sly James says the east side crime is due to low reading and education? What about other people who don't know how to read at all, and the low education in other towns and cities? Those people don't go out and kill! What does low education have to do with crime? It might have something to do with etiquette, but not robbing and killing!

    Stop making excuses Sly, Ben Carson's mom couldn't read and look at her and her son! seems like you're the one who needs education!

  4. ...and the smartest people in KC are those selling out and renting UHauls.

  5. ^^^^^^ told ya...... that Omaha special is selling out.

  6. Why hasn’t sLIE fixed the education system in killa shitty? That’s right, he doesn’t give a flying f@#& that’s why. I just love how sLIE is always blaming everything and everybody else for this cities problems when he does absolutely nothing to help fix it...... unless your a developer now he’s bent over backwards for them but has done nothing for the folks that live here but rape them of every spare penny they have

  7. Smart City, eh? KC couldn't even get itself shortlisted for Amazon HQ2. They so naively thought they'd submit insider land parcels and win. (How far did those urban theorists and authors get the city? Who paid for them and the bull shit that came from their mouths?)

    The strategy should have been to understand the city's strengths and weaknesses and understand our geographic location and wide spread reputation for corruption and wide spread reputation as a cow town would hold us back. Instead the mayor played a stupid ass gimmick by rating and labeling Amazon products. That was nothing more than an exercise of masturbation on his part.

    In the meantime our peer cities - Nashville, Columbus and Indianapolis, probably wont' get the final selection, BUT they will have bragging rights at being shortlisted and will receive all the benefit and ability to recruit other businesses that shortlist designation brings.

    City Hall is foolish, including the mayor, the city manager, the council who self congratulate themselves. This town gets what it deserves and votes for - failure and a terrible reputation.

    12 council members make $60,000. a year each to sit around and make stupid decisions. That is $720,000 a year, plus their staffs, plus all the ridiculous travel they expense to the city. $5 million a year for them to waste our money and allow this airport and hotel corruption to slide right across their desks. I would have gladly supported $5 million a year to support the council had they engaged and KC was shortlisted for Amazon HQ2.

    KC is far from a "Smart" City.


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