Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kansas City 'Smart City' Ruckus Tonight

For the evening hours we offer this glimpse at the GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City discourse featuring a collection of local opinion-makers discussing the politics which pervades our lives.

Description . . .

"Mike Shanin talks to KCMO's Chief Innovation Officer Bob Bennett about making Kansas City the world's most connected Smart City. Terry Riley, Lisa Johnston, Laura McConwell and Steve Rose discuss the latest details in the Eric Greitens saga including a new felony charge, the Kansas school finance bill and correcting the $80 million error and the mounting problems in Jackson County government."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Excellent panel this evening and the show is certainly at the top of its game going into election season. I'm still frustrated that we don't have more people calling B.S. on this whole Greitens thing. The witch hunt is being exposed and I notice the panel is a lot less fired up about the issue than last week. In fact, we can see the calls for resignation starting to dwindle.

Jonsie said...

Smart City?

They're not talking about KC are they? I guess the haven't seen our potholes.

Lt said...

40 murders so far this year.

6th most violence city in the nation.

150 murders last year. If this is what it means to be "smart" then I wouldn't mind the mayor & council taking some remedial lessons on management.

Anonymous said...

why do they keep talking about kansas schools nobody gives a shit what happens in kansas they need more people like crosby to tell people like it is in
k c goverment how courrpt

Anonymous said...

Bennett is an idiot that’s taking the city for a ride

Cactus said...

Smart City ????

more like SHIT City, run by inept & incompetent leaders with no real ambitions other than to have a title and do nothing, as were all seeing !!

If WE were truly a SMART city, the Degenerates down at city hall and Jax County government wouldn't be in the positions their in, stealing YOUR TAX DOLLARS and secretly using it for their own personal hidden agendas !!!

We are more like the most Corrupt city in the Midwest, who's full of utter bullshit and excuses and lies !

KC is so SMART they let the Dufuses down at the Jazz Museum bilk them out of millions of dollars thru out the decades with NO accountability nor oversight.

Truthfully, Tumbleweed, Oklahoma is a Smarter city than KC will ever think about being !!

Anonymous said...

This town could not get short listed for HQ2, but 3 of our peer cities did? Tens of millions of dollars in incentives given to Cerner with no MBE/WBE workforce requirement? $50 million in cash, $150 million of TIFs and property taxes just given away for a convention hotel? and then a CORRUPT airport deal is structured with the city manager wanting to offer just one group a free Swiss Cheese response? But yet not even a shortlist win on Amazon with all this Smart City capability?? This is all so shameful. Such a Cow Town.

Anonymous said...

Not simply a Cow Town. More accurately a typical democrapply black run city.

Anonymous said...

Bennett the "Smart City" wizard made me laugh with his phony schtick that apparently fools the folks at City Hall.

His "cough spotter" analogy of placing microphones on public transport to pinpoint cold/flu outbreaks, which would then be used to "add more Vitamin C to school lunches" is a utopian science fiction that has no practical application in a failed KC public school district or a city that can't afford to maintain it's fountains, streets, and water/sewer infrastructure.

Can you say "Waste of money?"