Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kansas City Saturday Crime News Look

They say that explicit Internets streaming lady prison drama is "empowering" which makes it somehow better than old school SKIN-A-MAX movies that also featured the proclivities of ladies in jail.

Closer to home we want to share some insight into the local crime scene with our reader community on this violent Springtime weekend.

Check the roundup:

Kansas City Crook Isn't Coming Back: KC robbery suspect shot, killed by Denver police

Local Suspect Road Trip Cut Short: KC man wanted for 2015 murder of 32-year-old captured in Minneapolis

Mushroom Hunter Shock: Human remains found in Cass County

JoCo Consequences: Man accused of killing 23-year-old pregnant girlfriend in Olathe appears in court

Working This Violent Town: Metro companies evaluating safety plans after construction worker killed on the job



Anonymous said...

So truth finally comes out, mudshark was I deed killed by baby-daddy. Who could've guessed? Yet another black-on-white hate crime in the metro.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Denver for doing what our local yokels can't or won't do and that's blast that scum off their feet.