Kansas City Kangroo Conversations Inspired By Legacy Of Iconic Labor Leader

Suspected of being a socialist and now part of the mainstream local discourse . . . Here's a glimpse of an important series of events at the city college. Checkit: Events & Programs - Cesar Chavez Lecture Series


  1. Finally, something about a real hero!

  2. Wonder if any of these speakers will have the integrity to mention at any time that one of the major Issues Chavez fought against was Illegal Immigrants taking the jobs from the legal Latino Community
    and driving down wages?

  3. ^^^ Know your history. Chavez was very much anti-illegal. Just look at the violent protest he staged and the "wet-line" he established in 1973 with the UFW. If you don't believe me, google 'Chavez wet-line' and see what you get.


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