Wednesday, April 25, 2018


A crisis of leadership and another sign that Kansas City, very much like your neighborhood fedora hat guy, has yet to devise a plan revive interest in jazz. Read more:

KC's Jazz Museum executive director to step down in wake of critical report

Kansas City, MO - American Jazz Museum executive director Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner is stepping down from her post. She informed the KCMO Finance and Governance committee this morning. BREAKING: American Jazz Museum director Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner tells me she plans to step down and leave the organization by May 15.


Anonymous said...

Name JUST ONE positive thing she did while on the job with us taxpayers giving her tons of money.

Wearing thousand dollar designer outfits from Africa is not an acceptable answer.
Driving a new Escalade isn't acceptable either.

Steve McGarrett said...


TOTALLY OUTTA CONTROL & DYSFUNCTIONAL idiots at KCMO city hall who were supposed to be overseeing those Degenerates !

The Public needs to DEMAND a through State AUDIT from State Auditors !

Do NOT trust the city to do it, they'll cover it up !

Never TRUST the Fox to guard the Hen House !!!

Anonymous said...

She needs to leave the country before she gets indicted for stealing all that money, what will rev car wash do now that his money funneling scheme is shut down?

Anonymous said...

^^Notice how the racists are barely literate.

Anonymous said...


That literate enough for you, niggerlover?

Anonymous said...

Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner WTF ? African witch doctor ?

Anonymous said...

I think Crosby Kemper would be wise to hire a Forensic Accountant to examine the books of the KCMO Public Library for the period she worked for him.

Anonymous said...

So where's her next $150,000/year taxpayer-funded gig?
In Jackson County and KCMO there's surely one hiding in there somewhere!
If she can get a big raise, maybe she can become the new sheriff.
Folks like this NEVER go away.

Anonymous said...

Cheptoo? Are you fucking kidding me? How does that name on a resume not go straight to the trash? You delete that as fast as it came in. I wonder how much this grifter skimmed from taxpayers? Like the former mayor of Detroit, you aren't going anywhere when you're named Kwame, except prison. Black people do you not understand naming your kid A'Trey-U or Quaneshia isn't the best way to get on the Board of Directors?

Anonymous said...

Got the lake house paid off, time to scat.

Anonymous said...

Bye, Cheptoo. Don’t let the door hit your lard ass on your way out the door to your stolen Escalade

Anonymous said...

See ya scammer. Guess you'll have to get a real job. Good job to the firm that called out all the problems with the AJM. Shut it down !

Anonymous said...

^^10:11 Got the lake house paid off, time to scat.


With the salary she was making she can now retire and listen to all the jazz she wants.