Friday, April 27, 2018

Kansas City Hobo Refuge Raided By Police

For years our blog community has warned of the KANSAS CITY HOBO POPULATION BOOM and this week's raid is an important example of the trend. Take a look at the crackdown from the perspective of authorities and community news . . . Northeast Newscast Episode 51 - a day embedded with KCPD for a sweep of Northeast homeless camps


Anonymous said...

And we have an out of control crime and murder spree by out of control blacks and this is what they choose as a priority, I’m sure sLIE is behind all this

Anonymous said...

Looks like a future home of Eric Greitens.

They say everyone is 3 bad choices away from being homeless.

Eric could be soon enough.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Never Happen^^^^

Could be a dream

Anonymous said...

6:14, the sly one had nothing to do with this. His had neither the interest not the stones to clean up the camps and the thieves among them.

Anonymous said...

2am nerve gas a bulldozer and a dump truck. Easy peezy, word gets out homeless go else where.

Anonymous said...

But, this doesn't solve the homeless problem. It only solves the problem the middle class has with seeing homeless people.

Very soon, these Hoovervilles will be too numerous, & too large, to just sweep away.