Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Kansas City Crime Round-Up Afternoon

For those among our blog community who avoided speed traps and want to keep track of those less fortunate souls dealing with the prison industrial complex and/or other high crime peril. Take a look at this quick news collection . . .

Local Crusade Against Creepers: Northeast Newscast Episode 50 – on combating human trafficking w/ Kris Wade of Justice Project Kansas City

Kansas City Law Enforcement Custom Revisited: Newest KC police recruits revive old tradition to honor fallen officers

No Decapitation Solidarity: Defendants in Boy's Death at Water Park Want Separate Trials

Olathe Mommy Dearest Case: Woman accused of drugging her children found competent to stand trial

More Deets On 23-Year-Old Worker Shot Over Smokes: Construction worker shot and killed at 9th and Brooklyn

Golden Ghetto Dinner Dispute: One charged in connection to shooting at Shawnee restaurant

Local Teacher Invents Doorstop: Area teacher creates DIY device to stop active shooters

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The news story that is linked does not say anything about "smokes." Revise your headline or revise the story.

Anonymous said...

7:45 --Here's your link