Kansas City Conducts Fair Housing Talk

Here's a peek at a forum that'll feature activists and all manner of politically engaged denizens looking to make life and profitability harder to achieve for landlords. Take a look:

Kansas City needs community input for new housing policy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The city is holding the second of four community meetings to gauge neighborhood needs to create a new five-year housing policy Tuesday. The policy will serve as a guide for the city to provide safe, clean, and affordable housing.


  1. Why do they have a housing dept? It’s run by two morons who killed another program. They’ve produced nothing to help anybody, housing and the jazz museum are worthless waste of taxpayer money.

  2. ^^Oh no. I need to express my worthless opinion here. Why, why, why? Why do they? Why don't I? Why them, Why not me? Oh no! Blah blah blah

  3. ^^^^ Do you have a job? You sure seem to be on here a lot mumbly mouth, but if this is the only way you can feel important then so be it


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