Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kansas City Commies Gear Up For May Day

A protest screed and sneak peek at local plans to fight "Late Stage Capitalism" - A term that has been in use since the 30s. Read more:

Build Up Red May Day! Statement on International Worker's Day 2018

We are at a watershed moment. We stand at the edge of impending global and civil war, brought about by the swelling belly of imperialism reaching its end, and the disease of fascism rotting away any hope of a liberated and dignified future. We are at the door of the slaughterhouse, where the "land of...


Anonymous said...

Are they serious? What a joke

Anonymous said...

5:35 oh yeah, they are dead serious.

The Kansas City Atheshit Coalition has a lot of them, and atheism and Communism go hand in hand.

After all, mass murdering atheist commies killed 100 Million people in the past century alone.

And they ain't done yet.

Anonymous said...

My boss challenged them to open debate.

The cowards wouldn't even respond.

Commie Disposal said...

Word of serious advice commies

STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY DO NOT let me see your pathetic ass

if you value Oxygen !!

Anonymous said...

Mao was a murderous thug. The founder of the umkc 6 year med program wrote a book kissing the ass of a reporter named edgar snow who was a friend of mao's and who wrote articles kissing mao's pass. E grey diamond liked to take junkets to commie China regularly. I never could figure out was was really going on.

Anonymous said...

Will they be hosting a fun run thru Brookside?

Anonymous said...

Nothing but hippy pinko totalitarian fag's. The left is the new right watch it eat it's tail.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I’m one of those workers you clowns claim to represent
In no way do I agree with anything you printed
You stand with the biggest murderers in history and you claim to be alongside working people? Who do you think makes up the 100 millions deaths at the hands of your heroes? I go on and on about all the bullshit you outlined, but I’ll just ask one question; do you have a 401k? If yes, then your a capitalist
You dumb fucking idiots are a cancer

Byron Funkhouser said...

Stalin killed many people, but don't say it was the communists, or the atheists. It was just Stalin.

These revolutions didn't occur in a vacuum.

And yes, Silvestor, they speak for you, as do the unions, whether you acknowledge them or not. You life is better because of the unions & the communists. Social Security was an attempt to prevent a revolution from occurring here.

These anti-capitalists have my full support.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Byron, your entitled to your opinion as am I. But I see no benefit in my life from unions or communists
I watch world events and can see quite clearly the utter ruination of every country that operates on that system which by the way, has never been voted in by the population. I’ve never been in a union and never want to be. Others may have that if they wish but you can’t possibly want to be an apologist for the butchers who brought communism to the world
Implying Stalin wasn’t a communist? Really? He was very epitome of communist rule. That is to kill anyone necessary to implement communist rule because people’s lives don’t matter. Capitalism has its faults, but communism is truly evil,

Anonymous said...

4:49, Byron, you lying fool. Stalin had thousands and thousands of minions.

And yes, he was an atheist who hated religion and wanted it wiped out.

And yes, he was a communist and they served him willingly.

So yes, it was indeed the communists and atheists...and don't forget some of the other famous mass murderers: Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Pol Pot, and on and on...all commies ATHESHITS.