Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Kansas City Chiefs Fanboy Consideration

Optimistic experts say local pro-footballers could enjoy a 9-7 schedule . . . Closer to home, the fanboys are even more excited about next years prospects with an untested QB and a team that has always managed to fold during crunch time. Take a look:

Musings on the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs regular season schedule

With the 2018-19 NFL schedules released, let's take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs 2018 schedule. These aren't predictions for games, but merely musings on what some of the games will mean for the Chiefs as they hope to take the AFC West for the third straight year, this time with a rookie quarterback leading the team.


Anonymous said...

The prediction for the chiefs is, they will lose every game because their knees are pink and sore from kneeling in disrespect to the country, while they rake in millions that they think is keeping them so suppressed.

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh. Your post was dull and insipid. No originality, no point. Just vacuous and empty work. Neither clever nor insightful. F- for your ignorance. Try harder, do better. Generally unacceptable on every level.

Anonymous said...

Did they get a new owner? A new coach? Then don't expect different results.