Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Kansas City April Evening News Stroll

Apropos double news for the late night . . .

People: April Love Geary Declares 'Boobs Are for Babies, Not Your Husband' with New Breastfeeding Photo

USMag: Robin Thicke’s Girlfriend April Love Geary Trolled for Breast-Feeding Photo: ‘She’s Got Her Hair Done, Makeup On’

News links closer to home . . .

Heart Attack Over Kansas City

Investigation underway at KCI after woman dies on a flight en route to Kansas City

AP images SOURCE: AP images An investigation is underway at Kansas City International Airport after a woman died on a flight from Seattle to Kansas City. Officials with KCI said a woman suffered a medical emergency on Alaska Airlines Flight #478 from Seattle to Kansas City Tuesday afternoon.

Social Media Fakery Rejected

Having "Finsta," fake social media account, could get students in trouble

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new social media fad could have gotten students at the University of Kansas in trouble. The University Daily Kansan, the KU campus newspaper, recently reported student-athletes were suspended for using fake social media accounts, which is a violation of the Kansas Athletics Jayhawk Honor Code.

Urban Core Gunfire Tonight
Life-threatening injuries reported after shooting at 27th, Bales
KCK Deluge Discourse

KCK neighborhood 'not getting answers' nearly a year after four floods

It's been nearly year since four separate floods swept through the Argentine neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas. Elizabeth Zomora was one of the floods victims. "I started knocking on everybody's doors," she said, recalling the night of the first flood in July. Water marks remain on homes, fences, and furniture throughout the community.

Kansas City Happy Returns

Stolen wedding rings returned to Kansas City man

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's the happiest a Kansas City widower said he has been in three years. "That's when our whole journey started," said Jim Purcell, who lost his 29-year-old wife Christy last year. Christy was diagnosed with brain cancer two months after their son, Jameson, was born.

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