Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kansas City April 2018 Snowflake Tribute

A very quick roundup of Kansas City Springtime snowflakes our blog community has noticed as of late . . .

Snowflakes who deny global climate change.

Snowflakes who believe the Prez is "morally unfit" are only slightly more interesting than snowflakes who think Prez Trump is anything but a protest vote and the lesser evil amid late stage Democracy.

Snowflakes who want to devise yet another KCMO racial dividing line as a twisted tribute to an iconic civil rights leader and the snowflakes who oppose/support them from the comfort of Johnson County.

Snowflakes still supporting the disgraced Missouri Guv and touting "Conservatism" despite disavowal of Eric Greitens by ALL of the Missouri Republican leadership.

Snowflakes who pout over any negativity directed toward the so-called Downtown Kansas City Renaissance that has mostly been built upon TIF, voter suppression, gerrymandering, irrational exuberance and corporate sponsored content.

Worst of all . . . Snowflakes who can't reference the term "snowflakes" and realize that it's usage in the current American lexicon originates from a book targeting consumerism, politics, and middle-class life written by a remarkably talented openly gay dude.

You decide.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

It'll warm up tomorrow afternoon. Stop being such a baby!

Allow me to retort said...

Global "warming" was a myth and now they just changed the name to make people even more confused.

MLK blvd is happening and it doesn't matter what anybody says about it.

The Governor will survive this scandal but he'll never be elected to another political office.

Downtown progress will continue despite the moans and wails of Citizens Against Virtually Everything C.A.V.E. Some will profit others will lose money, that's the way real estate development goes.

Fight club was a great book but Invisible Monsters was a much greater literary achievement from Chuck Palahniuk.

Anonymous said...

Brothers, let us unite against our true enemy: The bicycle lane.

KC Crisis Actor said...

I've said it again and again. My governor can have sex with ANYONE he wants!

You darn Republicans just don't understand. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

help! I've got a full load here! I can't move! Will one of you change my diaper?