Friday, April 27, 2018


The court also said he could not appoint a special prosecutor.

Here's the round-up of another setback for the disgraced Guv. Read more:

Judge says Hawley can continue investigating Greitens

JEFFERSON CITY * A Cole County judge has doused an attempt by Gov. Eric Greitens' legal team to prevent Attorney General Josh Hawley from investigating him. Circuit Judge Jon E. Beetem, in a ruling released Friday, denied a request for a restraining order by Greitens' legal team, saying he had no authority to put the brakes on an ongoing investigation by Hawley.


Anonymous said...

In addition to all of this- the judge and Eric Greitens is victimizing the woman again by forcing her to turn her phone over.
Any woman- Black, white, poor, rich, Any political affiliation- should be outraged and demand the governor be stripped of his duties and help his wife Sheena escape from what has to be a hellish nightmare.
Every woman in America should be embarrassed the governor of Missouri is a misogynist that continues to bully and victimize KS. How he stays in a taxpayer mansion and is paid a salary while no company in America would employee him is insane.

Think about this: Every Walmart, KFC, GM, any DownJones Company would have fired Eric Gretens months ago.
Yet he is the Governor of Missouri.
Unbelievably Sad.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 6:34, He had an affair. Sorry about Hillary getting her lying ass kicked.. Remember Bill?????

Anonymous said...

6:34, it's called "discovery" in litigation. Happens all the time. Chill.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that Senate campaign Josh.

Coastal elite attacking a sitting GOP Governor and aiding the St Louis prosecution. Trifecta of defeat. No primary win for you.