Islam And Kansas Hope Inspires

Leadership from the Kansas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations offers a promising take on Midwest progress against hateration. Checkit:

The American Optimism of a Kansas Muslim

Austin's Bar and Grill on 151st Street in Olathe, Kansas, would look familiar to many suburbanites. The walls are cluttered with television sets featuring basketball, baseball, tennis -- even football out of season. The two-dimensional athletes loom over the weekend-warrior variety -- an almost entirely white, mostly male crowd congregating after work.


  1. In the meantime...Muslims in countries are killing Christians right and left.

    But don't worry...they would never do that to you!

  2. ^^Yes, just as white Christians are killing Americans in America! But you better worry, cause they sure as shit will do that to you!

  3. Black (Christians?) folks are killing Americans (mostly black) in America but you better worry, cause they sure as shit will do that to you!

  4. Immigration should be done on a one for one basis. If you want to immigrate to a country you must find a citizen of your desired country to replace you in the one you are leaving.

  5. Euthanasia should be done on a massive basis. Those over 65, you're out!!!!

  6. The Christians in the Middle East are real Christians. They have nothing in common with the followers of Saul, here who call themselves Christians.

    American Christians are fakes.


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